Mahabis. Slippers. Reinvented.

Designed in London and made in Europe, Mahabis is the new unisex brand of lifestyle slippers adopting a Scandinavian-like clean and minimal look. Their philosophy being the ‘Essence of Chill’, Mahabis is on a singular quest to create simple, and beautiful products to help you relax.

Mahabis Slippers

Inspired by the everyday and driven by the idea that by improving the small experiences you can better the whole, Mahabis set out to reinvent an age-old product: the slipper. Worn for centuries, and often taken for granted, slippers have long escaped design innovation, until now. Mahabis are slippers for the 21 st century, redesigned from the ground-up.

Mahabis Slippers

Fusing form and function with design influences from Scandinavia, India and Morocco, Mahabis create slippers that blend together a heritage- soaked aesthetic with modern design. When you wear them you’ll be guaranteed to experience something timeless.

Mahabis Slippers

The brand’s most remarkable signature detail comes in the form of a detachable and interchangeable outdoor sole, which flicks-on/clips- down in seconds. This detail paired with a collapsible neoprene heel, make the slippers effortlessly adaptable to your everyday life and suitable all-year round, there’s a choice between classic and summer edition Mahabis.

Mahabis Slippers

Featuring a soft and sculpted wool lining, the classic edition offers maximum comfort and warmth, yet is light enough to prevent overheating. The summer slipper is crafted from a lightweight, breathable mesh, designed to keep your feet cool in the heat. Both ranges and soles are available in a choice of colours, and customizable bundles.

Mahabis Slippers

Firmly carving their name in to the slipper and design world, Mahabis are now one of the fastest growing new casual footwear brands in the world. Available exclusively online, and shipping to over 70+ countries, Mahabis are appreciated worldwide, with customers from across the globe sharing their passion for downtime.

Mahabis Slippers Mahabis Slippers Mahabis Slippers Mahabis Slippers Mahabis Slippers

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