Reggie Yates X Burton – Icon Targets Young Audience For Burton

Reggie Yates - Burton Collections 2013 T- Shirts Rose Print

Who is Reggie Yates? In the UK he is known as a British actor, television presenter and radio DJ. For or me he is the man that is going to put prime time into men’s fashion. My encounters with Mr Yates have shown me that his gentle, respectful and accommodating nature, is why he is setting the bar for the male style icon to watch out for.

Reggie Yates X Burton Collection

Whilst at London Collections:Men I walked past Burton and had to blink a million times. For me Burton is a well established British label. Now more so than ever through Reggie they have connected this brand to a younger audience. Check out the launch video clip of the Reggie Yates X Burton collaboration.


His Style For Burton

It’s obvious through his latest collection he want’s to give a clear message. To express his life story through the Regie Yates X Burton t-shirt collection. This makes perfect sense considering that the t-shirts are a staple piece in a men’s wardrobe. T-shirts over the course of history have caused quiet a controversial storm depending what story is being boldly expressed. His t-shirts will certainly draw attention to your outfits for all the right reasons. The prints effectively loud and impressionable. Smart fashion I call it. For a man who does not have to put too much thought into teaming his t- shirt with plain colour jeans or chinos. Just so you know the Burton Reggie campaign was styled by his talented brother Cobbie Yates.

Reggie Yates is an up and coming style icon and he will do will for a fashion label like Burton. Reggie chooses to wear what he believes represents a younger targeted market. Don’t underestimate the Yates brothers.

Reggie Yates - Burton Collections 2013 T- Shirts with a Rose PrintReggie Yates - Burton Collections 2013 T- Shirts Reggie-Yates Burton Collection T--Shirts. wearing a jean jacket


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