Rockabilly Look – How To Create Your Own for 2012

rockabilly Japan it is a big trend

Rockabilly Look

The Rockabilly look of the 1950’s is back for men this spring/summer 2012. Elvis Presley was the king of rock and rockabilly image. So how do you create your own rockabilly look this 2012?

Thankfully the collection has been updated. All you need to do is get into your man bag and get a hold of a few things. You need to learn how to layer your clothes. In a nut shell, start with a t-shirt, shirt, cardigan and then a jacket of your choice. I know it seems a lot of clothing worn, but it just look so damn hot.

6 Practical Tips

  • The quiffs piled high on top of the models’ heads and a focus on tough, anti-androgynous denim is certainly a good start for you.
  • Pants and jeans that have a super-skinny look is certainly what you need to purchase.
  • A pastel-coloured jackets with a  given a retro varsity-style twist is needed.
  • A casual Elvis channeling a purist 50s attitude with selvedge denim and Hot-Rod inspired studded jacket is essential this 2012.
  • Hawaiian Elvis, clad in floral printed shirts are the way forward and for evenings Elvis strutted about in dapper 50s diner shirts, teamed with bandana ties.
  • As for footwear, the  loafers and powdery truckers; and monochrome brogues will finish off the look.

This era is for the man that want’s to create a unique look. It is about wearing the style with rock attitude and making sure you turn heads at every possible fashion moment.

botega veneta rocka billy mens 2012

Master the layering effect for the rockabilly look


denim rockabilly, men 2012

Modern version of Rockabilly this 2012


rockabilly 2012 mens - men driving a old style car

Get the style, get the car


mens undercut quiff, rockabilly style for 2012

It’s all in the layering effect this 2012


spectacles rockabilly style 2012

You’ll rock with these spectacles this 2012


bottega veneta rockabilly mens 2012

Don’t be afraid of colour.


bottega veneta rockabilly 2012.

Make sure the jacket suits your personality

6 Responses

  1. A. W. Richards

    This is NOT rockabilly! You’ve got the hair close, but the clothes and shoes… and the attitude… are not rockabilly and should not be represented as such. What this is accomplishing is a bastardization and sterilization of what is essentially classic Americana. Rockabilly was, is, and always will be… working class, axle grease under the fingernails, hot rodded jalopies, painted up hussies, bar full of smoke from lucky strikes and non filter camels, dancin’ with your best gal, a liquored up band playing some butt kicking music to get your feet movin’, and having a beer or twenty with your friends.

    • TheRockabillyLifeCoach

      I’ll second that A.W. Richards! We started a Rockabilly club in Riverside CA in 1984. 30 years after the 50s and still kept the style original. It is a timeless classic. Shout out to the Rockabilly Ravens! H.H.F.R.F.!


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