Summer In December – Tips On Becoming A Model

Suits and Jackets- Summer In December photoshoot

 A season of transitions

“Summer in December” reminds me of my uncle who just passed away recently to cancer. My most recent memory of my uncle was in August, before I went back to school. He gave me a hug and told me no matter what happens live your dream and don’t stop. My uncle represents a season of change; I’m originally from Washington, DC I moved across the country to Arizona in search of that dream. Living in a major city all my life I was never use to a slow pace of life neither was I accustom to gorgeous scenery. Living near mountains and clear sky is the most natural healing for the soul.

 A season of expressing

In these last two months I have pursued things I never thought I’d do. I’ve realized that life is a journey and your course is decided everyday. I am currently an aspiring fashion model. I believe in expressing our dreams by what we wear. I love motivating people and supporting people who stand out. Be different, be yourself and push the envelope.

 Summer in December

“Summer in December” is my recent photo shoot. It represents that season of happiness and warm spirits of love and individuality. Be yourself; who ever that may be, just be you! “For at the base of us all, we all live to dream and dream to live”. Be yourself and remember “that season of life”, live to inspire, inspire and live.

 My Style

I love warm and natural colors. My look is free flowing; it’s art, however I feel like expressing myself I do. I love to make bold statements. I also love to dress up MensSyleFashion style. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. Be loud, be proud, be you!

I want to give thanks to Men Style Fashion for allowing guest writers and also having such an influential fashion site for men.

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Suits and Jackets- Summer In December photoshoot


Suits and Jackets- Summer In December photoshoot


Suits and Jackets- Summer In December photoshoot


Suits and Jackets- Summer In December photoshoot

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