The Rise In The Male Shopaholic

The Rise in the Male Shopaholic

When the majority of people picture a shopaholic it’s normally presumed to be a female. Think again. In a recent survey carried out by Westfield shows that men are now spending £988 a year on clothes, only £100 shy of the average woman. Furthermore, men are now browsing or buying clothes on average two and half times per week, with 41% indulging in a couple of expensive items as opposed to blowing their hard earned cash in Primark.

Cashing in on this trend is design led men’s T-shirt brand Hashtag Collective. This premium British fashion label is dedicated to providing stylish clothing while supporting and promoting young creatives, with their debut SS14 collection ‘Essence of London’ featuring imagery from celebrated graphic designer, Olly Howe.

Hardworking Men Want Contemporary Clothing

Hashtag Collective understands that this rapidly growing market of hardworking men want contemporary clothing, made from the finest materials, and they understand the benefits of paying a little extra for quality and attention to detail.

The discerning male shopaholic will be pleased to know that Hashtag T-shirts use only natural fibres in scoop or crew-neck shapes, made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, which makes them incredibly soft, smooth, comfortable and highly breathable.

The aim of the brand is to offer quality garments, packaging and a seamless customer experience. Each Hashtag Collective garment is carefully hand-selected and packaged in signature bespoke Hashtag Collective boxes.

How Many Men Use A Smartphone When Shopping?

The study went on to show that 72% of all men use a smartphone or tablet when shopping, showing the need for fast high quality fashion at your fingertips. Hashtag Collective has tapped into this market and is currently available on their website, as well as ASOS Marketplace.

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  1. Cheito

    I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but yes, shopping is one of the best feelings! As long as I can shop online, get in and out of stores in 15 minutes or less, no trying on item after item for hours on end, shopping is a great thing! Thank God for on-line shopping, but we do need brick-and-mortar shops as well, because sometimes I don’t have the patience to wait – need it now, it’s also difficult to be fitted for certain articles of clothing on-line (for now). I’m a proud shopaholic! (As long as you’re paying your obligations, it’s cool. If you spend, but pay late on obligations, that’s not good, get help.) Now, I just need to learn how to shop on-line internationally…


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