Studying is an age when you want to become an adult as soon as possible and fulfil your desires. Earning money in parallel with studies can help in both. But how can a student earn money without leaving university?

Why is it important to work part-time while studying

Not all students dream of finding a job as soon as possible. But there are several reasons to do it at an early age:

  • Improving your self-esteem by finally starting to support yourself;
  • to fulfil the desires and make expensive purchases that your parents denied you;
  • Work experience, exposure to different fields of work;
  • useful connections and financial literacy.

Of course, you should not plunge into the job search as soon as the school graduation. The first year is still better to devote to study. But once you get to grips with the new way of life, why not go further and find a suitable job?

Five areas that can help a student make money

Without experience and proper education, it’s hard to find a high-paying job. But there are still plenty of options – surely something will work for you, too.

Working with a computer

How to earn money on the Internet as a student? The main thing to remember is that no job will bring you profit without effort. The computer and the Internet are just tools for work. But there are a few professions that don’t require any experience, and with which any beginner can cope.

computer work

  • Administrating your social network page: maintaining your wall, posting news, responding to comments, and enforcing the rules. Such activity does not require much experience – many people do it for free just for themselves. And after a year and a half, you may be allowed to do more serious work – promotion, ordering advertising, and organizing contests.
  • Rewriting: suits those who like to write essays. Rewriting is the easiest way to work with text. You just need to rewrite articles and news in your own words. The pay is low, but there is minimal effort involved in the work. You can practise with your classmates. We’re sure that you’ve heard something like “edit my essay, please!” from them.
  • Content management: site administration. Place a new page, change the description of the goods, and add a picture. Often this work is accompanied by the administration of social networks. This option is more complicated than the previous ones and requires attention and a love of monotonous work. But it can become the first step towards more serious professions, such as SEO specialist, Internet marketer, or web developer.

Creative work

Can’t see your life without creativity? Try to find a job related to your interests! It is unlikely to find a job at someone else’s firm, but you can start by simply doing paid services for acquaintances and through word of mouth.


  • Photography: you can make a lot of fun of teenagers who take orders for photo shoots after barely acquiring a technique. But this does not change the fact that photographers of different levels and prices will always be in demand. A little practice in shooting and processing photos – and everyone you know and their families will be shooting only at your place.
  • Drawing: some people draw portraits from photos, some draw interior paintings, and some paint T-shirts. If you are interested in it – most likely you already have experience and materials (and maybe a red diploma from art school, seemingly useless), which means that the investment will be minimal.
  • Handmade goods: souvenir plates, knitted scarves, Christmas wreaths, felting toys – you can’t even imagine what is popular with people who appreciate manual labor! If you’re good at it, try selling your masterpieces at handmade fairs or on social media.
  • The beauty industry: another type of profession that can be the start of a great career. Of course, without education and investment inexpensive materials, it is difficult to accept clients. But fellow students for a small fee may well be able to help with “eyebrows and nails” (an expression that has already become a meme) – of course, if you have experience and are confident of a good result.

Homework help

You’re already learning – why not make it a double benefit? Repeat the material, reinforce what you’ve learned, and gain more knowledge in your favourite areas.

  • Department work. Very often, responsible students who want to go further into academia have a department chair or dean’s office as their first job after college. You can get a job at a university right during your studies – ask your supervisors how to make money as an institute-based student. On the plus side, you will have an excellent relationship with the entire teaching staff. A significant disadvantage – a very small salary.
  • Student papers to order: term papers, labs, essays, ask for homework help with physics. If you study well, this is a great option. In all groups, some students don’t like a subject or just can’t understand it. It’s always easier to pay a little and not have a problem than to try to do everything yourself.
  • Tutoring: more and more parents turn to specialists and students who know the subject rather than teachers to get their children up to speed. This is quite a nerve-racking business (diligent students rarely turn to a tutor), but the payment for things like teaching English online makes up for everything: novice tutors get from 10-15 dollars per hour of class.

Part-time job

Here we come to the most difficult section. Official employment, responsibility to clients and employer – all grown up!


  • Fast food chains: where to make money as a student with an official job? McDonald’s, of course! No laughing matter – the famous fast-food chains (like Burger King, and KFC, and smaller domestic chains) are a great option. They often employ students, so you can pick up a convenient schedule, you will be released for the session, and all working conditions are as transparent and clear as possible.
  • Waiter (or barista): after a short training you can already go out in the hall. Inexpensive restaurants without experience you will not be taken, and in smaller establishments and coffee shops only young people work. By the way, a special perk of working in the catering industry is free lunches straight from the kitchen.
  • Sales assistant: often students can be found in communication, technology, and clothing stores. This option will not suit everyone, because the work schedule does not involve going out in the afternoon. But if you have several days off in the week (this often happens in final years), it will be possible to agree with the bosses on a special schedule.
  • Promoter: For many high school and college students, working as a promoter is the very first job they have ever had. You may be asked to hand out or paste ads, guide the way in the mall, conduct surveys, or walk down the street in a puppet costume. The pay per hour is low and you have to work all day, but it’s not a bad option as a one-time part-time job. There is an interesting consequence – after this, you will at least a year will take ads from all the promoters you meet just out of solidarity.

A small income for everyday

There are a few activities that bring in a small income. They will not replace a full-time job, but if you have a lot of free time, they can help a little.

  • Reviews: popular review services charge a small amount for each successful publication. You will have to prepare a good description of the product or service so that the review was passed by the administration. At first, it may be difficult, but writing reviews on all purchased goods for many people gradually becomes a habit.
  • Surveys: you can also sometimes be compensated for taking surveys online or on a phone call. Sometimes it is difficult to get into a focus group, and the payment is quite low, but participation in surveys is almost not time-consuming.

Useful hints for those going for their first job

If the decision has come to apply for a job, it is worth paying attention to a few things.

First, if an employer asks you to pay for training or materials for work, you should refuse it right away. Yes, it happens that the firm conducts training courses. But they can by no means be mandatory and paid for future employees.

Secondly, familiarize yourself with financial literacy. How do you make money as a student if you spend all of your salaries in the first week? Learn to set aside some of what you earn for big purchases and manage your finances wisely.

Third, don’t forget to upgrade your skills. Set aside some money for additional training, looking for new experiences. So after a while, you can change jobs and increase your earnings.

And finally, lastly, do not set your goal to earn as much as possible. The ideal job not only brings a good income but also causes positive emotions. If you don’t like something, feel free to change your job. Try to find a compromise between the pleasure that your new profession brings and the salary. And remember – any job is prestigious and useful if it gives you autonomy and freedom.