By many, accessories for men are not even considered an option. Nowadays more than ever men are sticking to the bare essentials, like a pair of trousers or shorts, simple shirts, and shoes. It must be said that there is much more to men’s fashion than the boring basics. In this informative article the goal is to look at men’s fashion from a broader, more open-minded perspective, examining 5 underrated or somehow forgotten male accessory pieces.

Bow Ties

Bow ties are an excellent accessory choice for anyone who is bored of tradition.
Normal ties are the go-to accompaniment of blazers nowadays, although the change was recent. Men used to wear mostly bow ties in the 19th and 20th centuries. This does not mean that bow ties are out of fashion by any means, as now they are more relevant than ever. You can wear them with an array of shirts including short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, polo shirts, but can be also seen paired with a shirt under a hoody or bomber jacket. The possibilities are literally endless now. Imagination and creativity are the only ways to utilise these traditional accessories with style!

5 Criminally Underrated Fashion Accessories for Men


Suspenders are a super underrated accessory even though they serve an important purpose apart from style. They exist to make sure your trousers do not fall when they shouldn’t, while also providing you with a cool accessory, as well as a place to rest your tired old’ thumbs. Unfortunately, belts are now considered the new staple… but what is the fun in that? Unless you have a belt with a buckle that screams unique personal aesthetics, suspenders will always and forever be better than a traditional belt. Suspenders are also super adjustable and do not need needles and specific tools to create more size options. One size fits all even if you feature a sizeable belly. Top that, belt!

5 Criminally Underrated Fashion Accessories for Men

Novelty Cufflinks

Novelty Cufflinks…A world with more novelty cufflinks would be a better, vastly more interesting place. What is the fun in a standard vanilla cufflink? Answer: There is none!
All articles of clothing need to serve an aesthetic purpose apart from the obvious functional part. Why wear cufflinks that look like buttons and not Skull Cufflinks when it is Halloween?
And why not wear Rocket Cufflinks if you are an engineer? The answer is because these kinds of cufflinks are not very well known, but they indeed exist and they indeed look sharp and are very easy to match with almost any suit.

5 Criminally Underrated Fashion Accessories for Men

Smoking Pipe

The most beautiful yet the most unhealthy and most “demanding” accessory of this list.
The unhealthy part is self-explanatory. Smoking tobacco is not healthy at all as it can cause numerous illnesses. What I mean by demanding though is that your whole look needs to be coherent when you are smoking the pipe. Wearing a hoodie while smoking a pipe = no go. You have to have the attitude for it. Together with the pocket watch, the pipe creates the ultimate combo of old school fashion that you need to seriously believe in to make it look believable.

5 Criminally Underrated Fashion Accessories for Men

Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch is one of those accessories that cannot be easily matched with other than formal attires but are nonetheless some of the coolest and most fun to use accessories ever created. The pocket watch is considered the proper stylish way to keep time. Unfortunately, though, pocket watches have been pushed aside in favour of wristwatches and, now, smartphones. They are an ideal alternative for the smartphone if you have the ability to unplug yourself in this busy world that is. Instead of having a smartphone on your hand all the time you could swap for an unconventional unplugged mobile and a pocket watch. Believe it or not, you might actually be happier after the change.

5 Criminally Underrated Fashion Accessories for Men

Thinking Out Of The Box

With so many options out there it is sad to stick to just the basics. If we liberate ourselves enough from other people’s opinions and start forming our style based on what we like then will our options truly and finally expand. How we dress shows what kind of people we are.