Sitges Film Festival

I am in beautiful Sitges, a coastal town 30 kilometers south of Barcelona for the Sitges Film Festival 2015. It is my first time I am covering a film festival so I am a bit new to the industry. It is a fascinating world and I love interviewing film makers. Today I am interviewing the very young and courageous film maker called Can Evrenol, he has directed a movie called Baskin. This is Turkey’s first ever horror movie released for the western world. Is Turkey ready for such a film? What was his budget and how long did it take to create this film. Watch the interview to find out more.

Here is Can Evrenol’s quote about Baskin:

“It’s fresh. It’s horrible and rapturous and atonal and odd and it’s one of the best horror films of the decade.” Shock to you drop.

Interview With Can Evrenol


Can Evrenol – Director of Baskin


Love the signing

Can Evrenol

Can Evrenol