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On Monday 6th January 2014, C.P. Company presented its Autumn Winter 2014 collection as part of London Collections: Men AW14. It took place at the Vinyl Factory on Marshall Street in Soho where C.P. Company’s London flagship store is also located, the presentation focused on the brand’s celebrated outerwear through a central installation of the collection surrounded by projections incorporating imagery of the iconic C.P. Company goggle and lens, so unique to the brand’s designs.

C.P. Company designers Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey worked together with Enzo Fusco on the brand’s stylistic direction. C.P. Company has its roots established in the combination of traditional English outerwear with Italian menswear expertise and design. Through this concept the brand has created an international idea of sportswear fusing the historic and modern.

The C.P. Company Autumn Winter 2014 collection centres on British craft fabrics such as English Royal Navy oilskins and Anglo-Saxon country waterproof cottons. These are made contemporary through a relentless pursuit of quality. Research is aimed at improving the resistance of each fabric, particularly their waterproof and thermal insulation performance. The result is a collection which expresses tailoring quality, technicality, aesthetic richness and innovation.

Stormcoats of the Royal Navy and the idea of naturally waterproof cottons from the English countryside are made contemporary through modifications to make pieces more comfortable and wearable. A benchmark for the world of sportswear apparel, Royal Navy oilskins appear in the collection yet are designed to be more wearable than their original counterparts. A lighter, softer fabric is used upon a deconstructed and flexible design, minimising weight and stiffness yet maintaining the appeal through functionality and acute attention to detail.

Shetland wool is presented in a traditional Scottish check, yet garment dyed together with a down lining – an incredibly complex and unique procedure.  This allows the creation of a series of nuances in colour that hold a softness and warmth which are impossible through any other method.

For many years C.P. Company has drawn on the philosophy behind traditional, waterproof English cottons which are characterised by swelling up and closing when wet. For the Autumn Winter 2014 collection this concept reaches a new phase through the use of Japanese polyester microfibre instead of cotton, perfectly representing the mix of the traditional with the contemporary which is so intrinsic to the brand’s DNA.



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