Generally, cycling is a moderately intense low-impact exercise that can burn a ton of calories. So, yes, it does help you lose weight when done consistently. It’s also essential to proceed with strategy since you could easily use a poor-matching program.

Knowledge of the basics should also help you choose the ideal program. Once you have that, you can rely on the following tips to keep your venture safe, effective, and enjoyable.

Losing Weight the Right Way With Cruiser Cycling

Note that the wrong way could easily lead to you losing weight quickly but gaining it right back. Be guided by the following, so this doesn’t become your fate.

1. Make It Fun

Anything that tends to start off with so much discomfort should be made into something fun; losing weight through cruiser cycling shouldn’t be any different. Without a fitness background, it could be harder for you to adjust to the activity than others. Thus, make things a little interesting, so you don’t turn in the towel too early.

Ask someone to work out with you, choose the more scenic routes, and see and feel the beauty of your environment. You could be too focused on the “exercise” part that you forget to incorporate fun into the equation. That usually isn’t a recipe for long-term success.

If you’re yet to be comfortable riding outdoors, you can try an indoor cycling program to make your routine feel less like a chore. It would be easier to focus on riding initially when you know the kind of fun in store for you.

2. Try Being on a Calorie Deficit

Admittedly, this can be more difficult for those who love to eat. But you do what you have to do to hit that healthy mark on the weighing scale.

Cycling is an effective fat-burning activity, but what could make it even more effective is to pair it with healthy eating. Consume a healthy and well-balanced diet, counting your calories to ensure it falls just below the daily requirement.

You don’t have to do this right away. After all, it can take some for the mind and body to adjust to a new routine. Like your new biking venture, your new eating lifestyle could require some getting used to.

It could be vital for some people to go slow and steady when implementing a caloric-deficit program. You can try to rush the result and go all-in from the start, but that usually leads to you gaining back lost weight, and then some.

3. Secure Good Gear

You may not be able to go all-in with the actual biking, but the cycling gear is another story. Since cycling should be made into a lifestyle to be effective, securing top-notch gear from the onset makes sense.

Great gear makes cruiser cycling more comfortable than it already is and encourages you to level up the duration and intensity of your workout sessions. Some of the basics to consider are:

  • A Good Bike: A cruiser bike model that aligns with your needs helps you lose weight more efficiently. Consider the terrain and the conditions when choosing a bike, as these could impact the initial stages of your weight loss journey. Some excellent entry-level candidates are hybrid cruisers, e-bikes, and mountain bikes.
  • Cycling Shorts: Cruiser bikes tend to have more comfortable seats than road and mountain bikes but sit on them for too long, and they can still be uncomfortable. Extra padding and riding comfort come in the form of quality cycling shorts. Get a pair with a chamois insert, and you’re golden!
  • Cycling Shoes: A pair of clipless shoes and pedals help you pedal cruisers more efficiently. These should allow you to deliver each stroke with conviction, which could increase the intensity and duration of your rides. High-speed riding also becomes safer with the right footwear.
  • Headgear: Even if it’s a five-minute bike ride, put on that helmet securely.

4. Ask Someone To Train With You

Putting in the miles alone should be doable, but it could also be lonely. Cycling alone can be an issue for beginner riders, so ask someone to join you if this is the case. Preferably, it should be a person who’s as determined as you about losing weight and becoming healthy. In that way, you can be each other’s motivators.

The different aspects of cruise riding, such as drafting, shifting, and cornering, also become easier to learn with a dedicated training partner.

Don’t Forget About Bike Maintenance

Cruiser cycling to lose weight is neither a one-time nor seasonal thing; it’s something that should be made into a lifestyle. Hence, do the necessary bike maintenance even before the ride starts to break down. You invested in a good and expensive ride, so get your money’s worth by ensuring it’s well taken care of. More importantly, take care of it because it’s going to give you the body of your dreams someday.