Now before we start this article, let me indulge in a bit of showmanship telepathic entertainment. You see We know what you’re thinking. It’s easy to imagine the humble cargo trousers so beloved of numerous science fiction epics and dance routines are in the fashion stakes what the dodo is to a bird sanctuary (or M.C.Hammer is to formal dress come to think of it. ) But unless you’ve actually been in suspended animation and thus already wearing a pair, you can’t have helped failed to notice those infuriatingly casual togs are returning by hiding in plain sight.
They’ve been on trend for several seasons pushing their way to the front of the pack Trump style with several designers including the respected Hardy Amies featuring them prominently.
You don’t have to be an extra in a ‘B’ movie to look confident in what if worn badly can be a poorly thought out choice that will have you scurrying back to the nearest airlock. We’ll try and ensure you’re re-entry back to planet fashion will be a cool one.

Baser Instincts

The adaptation of the military look like a well thought out campaign is in the planning. Trousers that appear more tailored and less baggy in appearance will always look good with a slimmer fitting smarter shirts and chunky derby style shoes. Cargo trousers that have more, girth and presence can be enhanced with a ‘sloppy Joe ‘ style oversized sweater and layer with a hoodie in a variety of materials. Remember these are best as casual dress items and look good in the legacy colours of olive, navy and black.

Cargo Fashion - Top Cargo Trouser Tips

Don’t Go Batty

By their very nature, Cargo trousers tend to be recognizable by the over presence of pockets betwixt thigh and leg and although it sounds like we are stating the obvious, the last thing you’ll need whatever you’re body shape is to look like you have two vertically shaped Batman utility belts strapped on your groins. Designer Paul Smith states the positioning of the pockets and how they sit and fall can tilt the balance between an in your face military look and pure civilian style. It’s important to give due consideration to your body contouring. Classic Cargos have bulky pocket detailing that can appear too oversized and sag at the knee, but for a more smart and stylish ‘civvie’ appearance go for more subtle tailored pockets higher up the hips and you’ll nail the look.

Cargo Fashion - Top Cargo Trouser Tips

Moving Cargo

Although available in a more tapered fitting style it’s important to pay homage to the more traditional utilitarian bulk of the straight-legged variety and although both cuts have their merits (depending on leg length ). style credence and points will be awarded for creative use of the original source design and it will never be more than a heartbeat away from falling out of favour if worn wrongly. Wearing a straight pant in the traditional colours we have previously discussed and giving the hems just a slight turn up, especially if you are blessed with skinny legs and have fashionable trainers, will ensure you and your likeminded crewman live to fight another day in the fashion stakes keeping the alien of fashion mediocrity firmly in the deep freeze. Enjoy!

Cargo Fashion - Top Cargo Trouser Tips