The car that your drive in requires as much attention as your home. It gets dust, dirt and stains and it is important to get it cleaned regularly for not only retaining its physical appearance and ensure that it remains in good shape, but it is also important from the hygiene factor, especially if it is in use as a family car.

The problem with cleaning car’s interior is that it is made up of a variety of different materials such as fabric, leathers, faux leathers etc. and each one of them requires a different cleaning protocol. This means that you need to take out some time and dedicate it to a detailed cleaning routine. Unfortunately, most people do not have that luxury and for them, a car cleaning regime barely goes beyond a quick wash at the exterior and a vacuum session for the interior. While vacuum does help in cleaning off the dust and dirt on the surface, it does not help much with a deep cleaning that you will require once in a while.

Team MenStyleFashion driving the Audi A6 in Portugal

Team MenStyleFashion driving the Audi A6 in Portugal

The Basics

If you do a weekly quick clean up such as a car wash and a vacuum every Sunday, your car will most likely not be too messy to handle and you can easily handle the cleaning session. Therefore, we recommend that you dedicate 30 odd minutes every Sunday for a quick cleanup of your car. Next, understand that there are a few basic upholstery items in your car’s interior which need to be cleaned. Since all these items have a different nature, they might require a different set of cleaning protocols. Generally, these items include plastic mats, carpets, car seat covers and another vinyl, rubber or plastic fixtures.

Gracie Opulanza and the Audi RS8 Spyder

Gracie Opulanza and the Audi RS8 Spyder

Upholstery Cleaners

Generally, people are scared of buying and using dozens of different upholstery cleaners for every different type of item. Instead of investing in a dozen different kinds of cleaners, we recommend that you use one of these car cleaners by professional cleaning brands. A good high-end all-purpose cleaner will make cleaning very smooth for you to manage. Instead of stacking your garage shelf with dedicated cleaners, use a professional all-purpose cleaner and learn to use tools and techniques to handle different kinds of upholstery. It will save you a lot of time, money and effort and you will get better results.

How to Clean Your Car Upholstery?

Audi A6 Dashboard

Tools and Techniques

Now that you have a good professional all-purpose cleaner, all you need is a set of good brushes for scrubbing different surfaces. Since your car’s interior has different fabrics and textures to handle, get different brushes for each item. Get dedicated brushes for carpets, vinyl and leathers. Also, invest in bottle brushes and larger scrubbing brushes for large and closed spaces.

Before you begin cleaning, make sure that you have vacuumed your interior properly to clean up any residual dirt and dust. Next, spray your cleaner on each of the surfaces separately and start scrubbing. The kind of brush and the strokes you will use will be dependent on the item you are handling. Therefore, it is important that you educate yourself on different handling techniques of leathers and woven materials.