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Menno Van Meurs

Tenue De Nimes

Anyone looking as edgy as Menno van Meurs needs to be interviewed. Who is Menno? Menno is the co-founder of a fashion label called Tenue de Nimes (With Nimes in France being the place where denim was first produced). This guys is very smart, creative and innovative indeed. Menno is very open about his views on how a man should embrace his wardrobe. Listen to this interview and how denim fashion has and will continue to be one of the most powerful fabrics ever created. The next time you’re in Amsterdam go and visit one of his many stores. Super demi cool is an understatement and if your looking for a great variety of REDWING shoes then his store will have you coming back for more.

Interview With Menno Van Meurs

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REDWING shoes - Amsterdam Store


REDWING shoes - Amsterdam Store

REDWING shoes – Amsterdam Store