desigual swimwear new and good 2012

Desigual Swimwear

The sun is here and this Desigual swimwear collection is all about colour. Different prints and fabrics is what Desigual is all about. Why buy boardshorts? Simple they are a safe swimwear for all men to get a hold of and cover their bits. Great for the surf board and as for water skiing, you know you won’t end up in a cheeky dilemma.

This current collection certainly will get you noticed in and out of the water. It’s playful pieces just give you a warm feeling. No matter if you’re just going for a dip in a hotel pool or if you are up for some serious wave action, you’re going to look the absolute business in any one of the men’s boardshorts.

The Desigual Men’s boardshorts range has been inspired by legendary surfers with new lines mixing freely with classic styles.

Fashion caution: boardshorts do not look good when they are too small on your body. So either head to the gym or buy a larger size.

Desigual Swimwear Collection for 2012