Balenciaga - Floral prints for men 2013

Balenciaga – Floral prints for men 2013

Floral Patterns – Dare To Stand Out

When Jarvis Cocker, front man of 90’s Britpop band Pulp, shakes that waif like frame with willful abandonment, peers longingly into the camera and utters the words: You could end up with a smash in the mouth just for standing out I know exactly how he feels, it’s almost as if he is directing those words at me.

Let’s face it, us men aren’t renowned for our avant-garde approach to clothes; we can do style in abundance (anyone who wears a well cut suit can do style) but when it comes to fashion, it’s another story entirely. Fashion requires us to follow the changing of seasons in both a seasonal and sartorial sense, it challenges us to extend our boundaries, to not follow the whims of everybody else and most importantly of all, to continually evolve and reinvent what it is we wear.

Navy Blue, Black and White

There is a reason colours such as navy blue, black and white are so popular: they conform to what is deemed normal, adhering to the rules governed by the masses, colours that tow the party line. There is nothing wrong with these colours, in fact they are the essential equilibrium to an eclectic wardrobe, but this season it is refreshing to see menswear’s taking a leap into the brave new world of floral prints.

Flower Power Labels

They are everywhere this season: from Topman and Zara on the high-street to hipster brands including the likes of Hentsch Man and Parisian outfitters Sandro (one of my personal favourites) to the high-end market including McQ Alexander McQueen, Raf Simons and Balenciaga.

In the past few seasons, the floral prints appearing on fabrics from t-shirts to trousers have come in an array of exotic colours that have little or no resemblance to the origins of the foliage adorning said clothes but this year has seen a more traditional aesthetic come to the fore.

Rich Greens, Yellows and Oranges

A variety of rich greens, yellows and oranges have been crafted onto off-white backdrops to give an authentic feel to the flowers (rather than the in-your-face garishness that are oft associated with Hawaiian shirts favoured by overweight cars salesman).

Floral patterns have also veered from their traditional home of shirting and shorts – although S/S ’13 still sees a fine assortment on both shapes – and onto a variety of other garments, most notably t-shirts, bomber jackets and sweaters. In fact t-shirts in particular seems to be having a real moment in the floral spotlight.

So Don’t Be Afraid to Branch Out This Summer

Keep the staple navy blues, your monochrome blacks and whites but at the same juncture, venture outside your comfort zone and into the sartorial garden awash with colour.


Alexander Mcqueen - floral shirts for men 2013

Alexander Mcqueen

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