The fashion world has moved ahead from the old days of gender segregation when it comes to clothing. The line between clothing for men and women has been blurred and designers from all over the world are now designing clothes that defy the concept of gender, especially when it comes to designing menswear.

Listen to this interview I did at my first ever London Fashion Week: Men in 2013, asking David Gandy about the JW Anderson catwalk in where men were wearing skirts. What his views were about Gender Fluidity. To date I ask the question, ever seen David Gandy modelling men wearing a skirt?

For me this is all about making more money for the designers and nothing else. In a staurated market such as fashion, they will do anything to make a big buck.

Gender Fluidity 2019 - Menswear Fashion No Longer Counts

This trend in gender fluidity for menswear is focused on the modern generation that governs the trends of the future. For 2019, the fashion industry is expected to have a more unisex approach towards menswear. With famous models from all over the world rocking what traditionally would be feminine looking clothes, the poles have started to shift towards a mixed dressing approach for men and women alike.

Gender Fluidity 2019 - Menswear Fashion No Longer Counts

Different celebrities and famous fashion bloggers have tipped unisex clothing to be a leading trend in the coming year. The entire fashion industry these days is influenced by bloggers and designers. These influencers interact with their audience more and get a better understanding of what people like and dislike in the world of fashion. They are often headhunted by famous brands to make certain statements in the fashion scene. Are you a fashion blogger? Then you, too, can monetize your blog and earn money by inspiring change in fashion worldwide.

Gender Fluidity 2019 - Menswear Fashion No Longer Counts

Unisex Clothing is The New World Order

The demand for unisex clothing has come from the generation Z – the generation that comes after millennials. Not so long ago, in the summer of 2017, few teenage boys from Exeter,

UK made global news after they wore borrowed skirts to school to deal with the hot weather. From this example, it can be clearly observed that the younger generation is comfortable adopting feminine clothing for comfort. Following are more examples that make the entire gender-fluidity trend, especially the one in men’s fashion, to gather momentum and grow:

  • The LV ‘s spring-summer 2016 campaign had Jaden Smith wear a skirt and other feminine-looking clothing. The creative director of Loius Vuitton later commented that wearing a skirt came naturally to Jaden Smith – comparing it with women in the 1960s who granted themselves permission to wear a man’s suit or tuxedo.

Gender Fluidity 2019 - Menswear Fashion No Longer Counts

  • The museum of fine arts in Boston is said to host an exhibition named Gender Bending. This is to be hosted in March of 2019 and it will show designs by Rad Hourani-the designer who dropped the first unisex collection in 2013.
  • The Vogue fashion fund in 2017 was won by Telfar. This Liberian-American designer has been known for his very own gender-neutral brand.

Gender Fluidity 2019 - Menswear Fashion No Longer Counts

  • A new brand collaborated with Burberry for their 2018 unisex summer collection.
  • De Saint Sernin, appeared in shows during Paris Fashion Week Men’s, but their entire collection is sold in showrooms for women.

Ludovic De Saint Sernin

Gender Fluidity 2019 - Menswear Fashion No Longer Counts

  • Gucci, a brand that has advocated gender fluidity, had female models wear articles from men collection.
  • In 2016, Selfridges introduced a new kind of shopping space named as Agender. The idea behind this space was to free customer from the regular men and women sections.

Gucci Cruise 2018 Menswear Collection


Moreover, David Beckham wearing a sarong certifies that clothing trends in modern times have moved way beyond the regular segregation of men and women. This is not only applicable to the fashion industry but also on society as a whole.

Christelle de Castro for The New York Times

Gender Fluidity 2019 - Menswear Fashion No Longer Counts

Gender Fluidity in Fashion Pays Off

The question that arises now is whether the brands that adapted gender fluid clothing are selling more after doing so. The answer to this one seems to be yes. In the last quarter, Gucci remained as the hottest fashion brand and some accredit this to their gender fluid clothing lines.

It is believed that Generation Z drives the majority of the sales of such brands. Since theirs is the generation that has been brought up in a world where gender is not considered to be a taboo or set in stone, they are more open to the idea of gender-neutral clothes.


With the western world being more open to a change in gender roles in society in general, the fashion industry in the East is also picking up with the trends. India, for example, has seen a wave in unisex clothing brands. Some of the similar trends in fashion have been adopted by many designers in some of the more conservative countries.

It will be interesting to see how designers in the men’s fashion shows coming in the next few months will influence change in the minds of people and eventually drive more men to adopt more gender fluid clothes.