Gift-giving occasions can sometimes be stressful. When birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries and other special dates roll around and you can’t think of what to give- it can be a bit of a pain. Men in particular tend to be hard to buy for, since we usually keep things pretty simple and tend to just buy ourselves what we want when we want it. But there are some good gift ideas you can consider if you’re looking to buy for your dad, brother, male friend or any other man in your life. Here are some examples! 

A Fashion Accessory/ Clothing item

Buying clothes can be tricky unless you know a person’s exact size and taste, but other fashion items and accessories are much easier and make great gifts. Especially if you go with something that’s high quality and maybe that bit nicer than what they’d buy for themselves. A designer wallet or belt, a piece of jewellery like a watch, or even some high-quality underwear or socks depending on the person you’re buying for. Take luxurious socks, these are something that just about everyone will use, check these out as an example. Ties are another easy one especially if they wear ties to work.

 A Gadget

Gadgets are a pretty foolproof option when it comes to gifting for guys. You can find gadgets at different price points, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be something very expensive. It could be something novel or for a hobby (like a VR headset or drone) or something really useful (like a robot vacuum or a tablet). You also have the option of a gadget accessory like a good pair of speakers or headphones. Less expensive options could include a mobile phone power bank, or an Amazon Alexa speaker- the smaller ‘dot’ models are really affordable now. If you wait until Prime Day to buy these sorts of things you can make even more of a saving. It’s something to play around with and depending on the gadget you buy, can make the person’s life easier too!

You can also think about something practical to give such as a KeySmart car key holder. They’ll love having the style and convenience in one package that they can take anywhere, ensuring their keys are never lost again.

Alcohol/ Chocolate

If the person you’re buying for enjoys a tipple then alcohol always makes for an easy gift. If you know their favourite type of alcohol then even better, you could get a really nice bottle of spirits or some wine from their favourite region. You could go with a nice bottle of champagne since this is something a lot of alcohol drinkers will enjoy. Chocolate is another great option, just about everyone enjoys it and it’s available at all price points. You could go with a big box from a luxury brand, or put together a hamper of all of their favourites for a simple DIY. These could be add-on gifts if you want to give something that looks impressive. But they also make fantastic presents in their own right, especially when you’re not sure what else to get.

What gifts do you tend to give to other men? What sorts of things do you like to receive yourself?