Grenson Triple Welt

This is Grenson’s new ‘Triple Welt’ series of shoes and they’re true Grenson classics as they weren’t developed in the design department, but instead by its own craftsmen in the factory. The main feature is a special sole and welt construction that makes the shoe look like it has three welts of different widths. This is true artisanal shoemaking and is unique to Grenson.


Curt is a 5 eyelet derby remade especially for its new Triple Welt collection. The Grenson Triple Welt was originally conceived by its craftsmen in the ‘making room’. It features a unique stepped, triple style welt that makes the most of classic British Goodyear welted shoemaking. Made exclusively ‘skin to box’ in the famous Grenson factory, this is a true shoemakers shoe.

Grenson Triple Welt Curt (1) Grenson Triple Welt Curt (2) Grenson Triple Welt Curt (3)

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