“Joggers and Pyjamas” has become a popular dress code among gamblers playing games at an online casino. All players who enter the online casino platform to play games like slots, roulette, and blackjack will have to put on clothes they found most comfortable for them to play.

Some online casino gamblers also prefer to put on shirts that are twice as big as they are. There are quite differences between visitors of an online 200% bonus casino and a land-based casino, when you go to a land-based casino you rather be aware of what to wear! The casino that released the dress code explained to the players that they could always go trouser free if they don’t have joggers.

Why the Dress Code Changed

No official statement has been made from any casino to explain why the dress code changed. However, it is understood that the dress code was made mandatory in order to boost accessibility. A Canadian online casino user said: “Online casinos let you play from anywhere; this will allow players to play wearing whatever they want to.” The casino responsible for the change and the dress code revealed that it will help the players eliminate restrictions if they wish to jump up and celebrate their winnings, especially when it’s a jackpot win. Although there are games like live casino games with real-life dealers, it is still uncertain if the players will have to switch their suits for joggers too.

How Joggers Became The Latest Trend

Rumours were spread around that Canadian online casinos made this change because many online casino owners are huge fans of the famous singer Rihanna, who was spotted putting on sweatpants, hoodies, and four-inch heels in an airport. This outfit gave the famous singer a gamer-look and many believed that Rihanna made the gamer fashion cool while telling the world that she doesn’t care what the media thinks about her style.

Now, we can easily spot this type of dressing on almost every gamer playing at an online casino platform.

Will It Affect The Sales Of Sportswear?

What we do know and understand is that the change in dress code has divided the gamers. With members of the laundry industry are against the changes as they won’t be cleaning the fancy suits they get from the land-based goers. The biggest changes will come from when all land-based casino gamblers decide to gamble online. Nobody will want to play online casino games with their suits on except the live casino games.

The sportswear market’s growth has been strong over the years, and the online casino dress code could influence that. In long run, we could see gamblers and people who just prefer to put on comfy clothes rushing to their nearest retailers to get themselves new casual outfits like hoodies, onesies, and joggers.


With the advancement of technology over the years, the online casino world now seems to be slowly integrating itself into our daily lives. We’ve already seen the introduction of slot themes that implemented every sport, as well as the advent of VR/AR technology, which creates a virtual environment for the gamers like Pokemon Go. In the next few years, many changes are expected to come to the online casino world and we’re looking forward to that.