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How to accessorize and stay warm this winter

Winter doesn’t have to mean throwing on your old hoodies, tatty scarves and threadbare gloves. You can retain the style you’ve been building up all year and bring a masculine elegance to the festive season. Over at the Kinowear blog, we’re passionate about helping guys like you dress with style and achieve the look you’ve always wanted. If it sounds like your thing, head on over to the Crash Course where you can get started with some great fashion tips!

Scarves – but not the ones your grandma used to knit…

Scarves can add a real touch of class to an outfit – they don’t just keep you nice and cosy in the wind! There’s a huge variety of scarves to choose from, from the very lightweight to the over sized. I particularly like an outfit that’s been spiced up with an over sized scarf because it really gives a sense of confidence and extravagance to your style without going too over the top, and it’s a guaranteed way of keeping you warm this winter.

Winter mens accessories for 2013

Tartan is a big Fall/Winter trend this season

Tartan is a big Fall/Winter trend this season – something like this Barbour scarf makes for an extremely elegant, more formal look: perfect for smart winter work wear. Don’t think of scarves as something you just throw around your neck. You can be creative, ooze style and create an image with a variety of tying techniques.

Tartan - jacket - TOPMAN

A classic drape – this scarf is a gorgeous color and would definitely add a bit of stylish flair to those winter coats. Beanies can help you combat the cold in winter, but don’t forget you want to be stylish and not just practical. Stick to simple, closet essential colors like grays, browns and beige and try to balance out your outfit. If you’re wearing beige chinos, tie a beige beanie into your outfit and it’ll give you a great balance between dressy and casual. There aren’t too many right or wrongs when it comes to beanies, but they’re great for wintery bad hair days!

Scarves at the top, boots at the bottom. Your feet can get chilly in winter and you certainly don’t want to be traipsing around in your old sneakers letting the cold in. You needn’t sacrifice style for comfort in the winter months, just invest in a quality pair of boots.

My mom always says if your feet are warm you can go out naked…but we don’t advise that…

Desert Boots

Desert boots are brilliantly versatile and will suit a variety of outfits this winter, from work wear to a more laid back look. I wouldn’t advise you to go trekking up mountains in them, but if they’re desert resistant then I reckon that they’re a pretty solid choice this winter. You can start with a good basic pair and work your way up to more interesting pairs if you’re really making style progress: you can go for pairs with different textured uppers, thicker, stand-out soles.

Winter mens accessories for 2013


Winter mens accessories for 2013

If where you live is somewhere experiencing pretty harsh winters and you don’t really have a choice other than to get out some more robust winter boots that will see you walking through a foot of snow with ease, check out this article about men’s winter boots for a few more ideas. Sometimes you just need a bit of functionality.

Don’t neglect those frostbitten fingers!

Now we’ll move from one extremity the the other – your hands. It’s no good bothering to keep everything else warm if, when it comes to doing something, your hands are so frozen that you can’t move them. Make gloves a real investment and go for a high-end leather pair; there’s a huge range of handcrafted leather gloves out there. They ooze elegance and sophistication and, like a good pair of dress shoes, they’re resistant and long-lasting.

Winter mens accessories for 2013

Sophisticated, warm and practical – what more could you want? And there we have some simple tips for staying warm and stylish with accessories this winter! Don’t forget to head on over to the blog where there are sure to be more wonderful winter hints and tips for you to discover!

Winter mens accessories for 2013

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