Snow Boots are the favourite accessories that one can have to protect themself from winter as well as look gorgeous even in the heavy snow. Shoe companies in a range of lengths, colors, and styles produce snow boots. At Nortiv8 Shoes website, you can find attractive leather fashion boots, robust leather hiking boots that are suitable for a vacation to the mountains or hiking on a wooded trail, and winter boots made of synthetic materials with faux fur.

winter boots

Even though they are not only for Western use, “cowboy” type boots are still widely used. They might even be sophisticated and classy. The right boot can accommodate almost any situation. If you are looking for trendy snow boots at an effective cost, check out Nortiv8 snow boots collection, as they have a wide range of men’s winter boots.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots with jeans

The Chelsea boot is a common and comfortable option. This length is typically preferred with bootcut or flared jeans. This is ideal for warmer weather because it offers the appearance of wearing a taller boot while feeling comfortable. Occasionally, a star model or other stylish person can be seen wearing chinos or dress pants in Chelsea boots. 

Chukka boots

Leather Chukka boot Jones Bootmaker

Another stylish choice is chukka boots that are stylish to wear and they can pair with different attires. Chukka boots are a fantastic option when worn with jeans or grey pants. You can pair chukka boots with a sweater or denim jacket to look chic. Besides, chukka boots can be fashionable and comfy. You can buy them for the ideal date option or in a Western design for the t-shirt appearance.

Depending on the appearance you want for the day, chukka boots also look good with chinos that are either tucked in or worn over the boot. Remember to wear slim jeans while tucking in to prevent the pants from bulging out, which gives off a very tacky appearance.

Winter hiking boots with insulation

These boots will keep your feet warm and dry all winter long while you’re out on the trails. They fit significantly better than Pac boots and feel more like summer hiking boots or sneakers. Because your feet naturally emit heat while you’re moving about, they also have less insulation than Pac boots. Although the uppers don’t go all the way up the calves and are made of waterproof materials, this allows for more flexible and comfortable walking. Additionally, they include high-traction soles for traction in snowy and icy conditions. When the snow isn’t too deep, these boots are excellent for busy winter activities, including outdoor work and chores on dry surfaces, winter hiking, and everyday town use.

Slip-on work boots


A lacing system is not used in slip-on boots. They often have huge handles, tight tabs, or cuffs that are loose enough to allow a foot to be slid directly in. Many materials, such as rubber, neoprene, leather, cloth, or sheepskin, are used to create slip-on boots. Depending on the use the boot is intended for, it may or may not be insulated and may or may not have varying degrees of water resistance and walking comfort. Convenience is the key benefit of slip-on boots.

Work boots with a slip-on design have long been a favourite for household tasks and mucky, drenched occupations that need the best weather protection. The user may slip into the boot, pants included, and they are simple, dependable, and simple-to-clean shell boots that are simple to put on and take off. They offer varying degrees of warmth and are quite protective, depending on the insulation utilized in the shell. They frequently have loose and baggy fits because they are made to be easy to slip on. Slip-on boots designed for the workplace aren’t very comfortable to walk in and don’t provide much accuracy.