I have had the pleasure of meeting Jan Heitmann in London. He is a professional poker player. Poker is something I know nothing about and when it comes to gambling I just don’t have the risk factor let alone the nerve power to do it. It has been many years since I have entered the world of gambling. I have to say when it came to men and their image let alone the way they dressed, it reconfirmed why I started MenStyleFashion. For me my message is simple the way you dress can take you to places you could never dream achieving. Your image counts and what you wear is crucial.

Now this intriguing mathematical sport is one that has caught my attention for many reasons. It may not be a physical battle but its a job that will test the brightest of minds for many hours. For me I will call it the mental endurance game.

What is the link between poker playing and the corporate world?

Does your image matter when playing poker? Is it more about a mental game on the table that defines yourself as a high ranking player? What is the link between poker playing and the coporate world? How does Jan handle defeat within the world of poker playing? How can Jan teach you the game of poker in the world of business? Listen and find out.