Conor Scurlock posing for menstylefashion article junk-yard Fashion

Junkyard Fashion – Hidden Style Gems For Men

For the last few days, MenStyleFashion editor Gracie Opulanza has been in the UK and I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying her and setting up interviews with some top labels and individuals. From Savile Row to Brick Lane, we’ve been literally everywhere, and this article was inspired by an afternoon we spent in the back streets of the East End of London. 

Conor Scurlock and Gracie Opulanza posing for menstylefashion article junk-yard Fashion

Conor Scurlock and Gracie Opulanza

Conor Scurlock is a male model from Colchester, Essex. Well established with a portfolio of work from Marks & Spencer to being an extra in The Only Way is Essex, his Twitter following exceeds 20,000 and it was a pleasure to spend the day with him on a shoot that produced some of my favourite images I’ve taken to date.

The Rise of Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion is an up and coming trend right now – London Collections: Men has been rapidly growing from a small gathering at its first show in 2012 to a city-wide attraction bringing in style legends such as David Gandy, Sam Way and Tinie Tempah. Such a key event’s expansion has indicated changes in the mind of the average man, however it all comes at a price.

Conor Scurlock posing for menstylefashion article junk-yard Fashion

MenStyleFashion is a great resource for the style-conscious man, offering many style guides, fashion tips and an insight into what’s up and coming in the world of men’s fashion. Recently I wrote an article on how accessories make a huge difference to a man’s look, but this week’s visit to the back streets of East London has made it clear that it’s possible to dress stylishly and look top-notch, for a fraction of the price that retailers are offering.

I’ve always been sceptical and wary of second hand clothes, however after visiting a few charity shops with Gracie to donate some of our old clothes, it’s become apparent that these stores, along with the junkyards and pop-up shops out of the way of mainstream high street retailers are a real gold mine for men’s fashion.

Conor Scurlock posing for menstylefashion article junk-yard Fashion

Don’t Judge a Men’s Fashion Book By its Cover

Coming across a Burberry coat, my mindset changed as Conor scanned through the menswear hanging on a rail in a junk-yard not far from Brick Lane. Finding names such as Ted Baker, Zara and H&M hidden away behind some old chairs up for sale, these clothes – which had all been dry cleaned and beautifully presented, were going for a fraction of the price they’d sell in the shops.

Despite the sometimes dubious origins of junkyard menswear, for a man on a budget, there’s style to be found in the back streets of some of the world’s largest cities.

Morality and it’s impact on Men’s Fashion

I could’ve easily spent £500 today, and gotten a whole new wardrobe of designer labels – but ultimately my morality kicked in and told me not to, as the seller refused to tell me how he acquired the garments.

Despite my lack of balls, we had a great shoot and one of us – after a fight – walked away with the Burberry jacket for an astonishingly cheap price. Who, and for how much, you’ll need to guess, but it certainly looks good on them and the rest of the crew snapped away as we all modelled it in the junkyard.

Conor Scurlock posing for menstylefashion article junk-yard Fashion