Dylan Jones & David Gandy - London Collections Men

Ambassadors for Men’s Fashion

Well it’s here again it starts Monday. Will it be the biggest one yet? Do these guys make a huge impact on how a man should think about his style? Do our top followers which are from the USA give a toss what’s going on in London.

What will MenStyleFashion get up to to show the world we are just as influential as these guys?

What do these men have in common apart from the letter D? Dylan, David and Dermot. Why is Tinie Tempah hanging about at London Collections men? GQ’s Editor Dylan Jones chooses who he feels, will be the right guys to represent men’s fashion. Theses guys are crucial ambassadors representing where London is heading in the men’s world of fashion.

How influential are these four on our British shores? What is their role as LCM menswear ambassadors? Will these gentlemen teach and encourage men, that dressing up and dressing well is a must adventure?

It’s these individuals that give out a clear message to every man watching. Fashion for men is so exciting. EMBRACE IT.

I wrote this article the day after LC:M in January. You thoughts are crucial, please comment as you feel appropriate.



Dylan Jones – Highlights why London is the best place to be inspired for menswear


David Gandy, Dermot O'Leary & Dylan Jones


Dermot O'Leary -  English television and radio presenter


Dermot O'Leary -  English television and radio presenter

Am I a style Icon?


Dylan Jones & David Gandy - London Collections Men

I’m liking your suit Dylan. Thanks David


Tinie Tempah Ambassador or London Collections Men

I feel so honoured to be here.

Tinie Tempah London Collections men Ambassador