Thaddues O’Neil Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Maintaining the brand’s ideology of creating American luxury playwear for après surf, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection features leisurely stripes and tropical prints in relaxed fit garments such as trench robes, jacquard marine hoodies, play-sleeve shirts and tanks, box pleated beach shorts and bloomers, along with every surfer’s summer staple –board shorts. Livening things up in hues of aqua, citron green, gold, metallic blue, and mint, as well as bold tropical prints atop fabrics such as Japanese silk and Mélange chunky cotton yarn, Thaddeus O’Neil assures no shell is left unturned when it comes to his debut runway show for New York Men’s Fashion Week.

Thaddeus O’Neil describes the scene of inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2016 collectionin a way that suggests adventurous relaxation:

“The sea has always been my biggest inspiration; its movement and dynamism, the colors and textures and life that it conjures,its pure extravagance in modulations of uncanny playfulness and wrath. It’s a place of radical tensions and quick shifts of mood and is the root of surf culture and style.”

The collection also reflects the rebellious and free-spirited nature that Thaddeus believes surfers embody. “Surfers have always been a nomadic, romantic, wildly poetic and a rebellious bunch,”says O’Neil. “Their style takes on the form and content of a sartorial mashup poem –transcendental tinkering and absolute nonchalance; a sea hobo’s knack for cobbling clothes together with an accidental wabi-sabi logic. These are the feelings that I try to tap into with my collections. Here, with billowing Japanese silk bloomers, a cotton-knit tank and a lightweight summer trench in ultra-suede. The print on the trench is composed of original block prints by my good friend Hugo Guinness. I adore his work. The scene we created was Lone Ranger and Tonto and the Attack of the Killer Pineapples in the tropical gardens of Henri Rousseau.”

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