For me the power that I have created on MenStyleFashion through social media engagement is overwhelming. On a bad week we get over 45,000 new likes on Facebook; It’s  a powerful  response and this is what drives me to work hard for all my followers every day. It’s real, time up to date data of where menswear and social engagement is right now.

Out of my personal frustration, I send out tweets that give me instant feedback. This feedback hels me to grow and expand MenStyleFashion. We are always  seeking out what our followers want  to read.  You are only as good as your Social Media ,right?

Throughout this journey,  over the last two years. there has been one question I always ask myself;  Why are we rushing and trying to pump out fast fashion towards men? Is this what men are seeking?

Do men really give a toss about trends?

Engaging With The Digital Fashion World?

For me, I think it’s important to slow fashion down for men.  The whole idea of pumping out more and more trends simply, in my experiences results in a different feedback.

What is the feedback?

The Interesting Thing About Building A Community Online

The interesting thing about building a community online through MenStyleFashion.  is the  human-to-human  engagement with our followers  in the digital realm; it is crucial to our growth.  Our daily goal is about people coming together, and me connecting with you.  Of course, the online medium facilitates this but, at the end of the day, it’s about one person getting excited and telling someone else.

So keep on tweeting me and sharing your comments on our Facebook.  So we all can learn from each other.

For goodness sake men’s fashion on MenStyleFashion is never fast.



Dubai  @Velsvoir mariascard photographer Fashion Forward (73)

Dubai  @Velsvoir mariascard photographer Fashion Forward (75)