Paschoe House is a luxury boutique country hotel located in a very rural area of Devon. July is a rose-tinted month with ramblers and floribundas open in the sunshine and even the weeds in neglected gardens look good. The lengthy hours of daylight also make July the month of opportunity to explore the rural parts of Devon. At Pachoe House the views are lovely and it is all about sitting outside with a glass of wine into the evening. This is a place where finding your zen is possible.

Paschoe House Devon - Rural House Retreat - review

Paschoe House provides a nice backdrop for the Rolls Royce Cullinan.


Paschoe House was renovated around two years ago and it was then decided to turn it into a hotel. This is more like a cosy luxury home with nine rooms only. So when entering the decor is stunning. The reception area is very welcoming and nicely tucked away. Every part of this house tells a story. The dining areas are spaces where people can come and enjoy and feel relaxed. The purple velvet rattan furniture is certainly all the rage on the home front and a great example to take away for your next interior design inspiration.

Paschoe House is such a special place it kind of lifts the soul. The sun rises over there and, I have to say, it’s a picture. The house is just lit up. They certainly knew where to build these places.

This is a place where one can go for many walks or grab a book and read. Did you know?

Agatha Christie must be smiling down on Devon. Last year the London Book Fair revealed data showing that crime fiction has become the most popular fiction genre in the UK. Devon landscapes are often used in novels as well as film locations.

Paschoe House Devon - Rural House Retreat - review

Passion For Pattern

Throughout Paschoe House when it comes to wallpaper inspiration, this is the place. From subtle contemporary to full-on decorative fabrics, classic blue, and silver butterfly-inspired the designs are art pieces on the wall themselves.

Paschoe House Devon - Rural House Retreat - review

Sensational Suite

Each of the 9 en-suite rooms at Paschoe House has been individually designed by Tabitha Amador-Christie combining style and quality. In the room, there were delicious homemade biscuits and welcoming chocolates as well as a newspaper of my choice with compliments. The room had three separate rooms with an overall size the size of 40m2. 

This is a room tucked away in what felt like me sleeping in an attic with small windows. I had a double bed in one room which was on the small side but cosy and the headboard silhouettes were striking to look at.  The bed linen was lovely and the bed overall was comfortable. A nice working desk was tucked away in the corner, which was a nice way to get stuck into work. Peeking out the tiny windows, was a nice reminder of the endless rural views on offer.

There was a  flat-screen TV, a film menu, a Nespresso machine, and mood lighting, which gave it a lovely feel at night.

The 2nd room was a separated seating area, on this occasion it was used as a bed for the children to sleep in. They had their own little oasis to enjoy they enjoyed staying here.

Paschoe House Devon - Rural House Retreat - review

Bathroom With A View

The Sensational suites have a separate bath and shower and the interior design is lovely. The blue floral wallpaper in the bathroom was so relaxing. I loved how the bath was facing the window. So whilst I was soaking the natural light would appear right on my face and the cool summer breeze was amazing. The bathroom was spacious and the towels were very large and fluffy. The amenities smelt lovely and the shampoo and conditioner were a product not used before, which I liked a lot. The separate rain shower was great too and the bathroom overall was of a very high standard.

Paschoe House Devon - Rural House Retreat - review


The staff were lovely and very attentive. My favourite part of the house was the lounge area, where the views were lovely. The interior design here with butterfly wallpapers was beautiful. I loved the different seating areas and the piano on display. Paschoe House is a home where guests are welcomed and can feel like they are home away from home. Devon overall is a stunning place to explore and this oasis is the perfect getaway if you are super stressed. This place has a magical feel in where I could really relax and take in this glorious summer week here in Devon. The people are warm, welcoming and friendly. I would recommend booking the house out for celebrations, business events, and weddings.

Paschoe House Devon - Rural House Retreat - review Paschoe House Devon - Rural House Retreat - review


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