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London Collections: Men - Jan 2013The one recurring theme that kept running through my mind during the stunning Savile Row showcase at London Collections: Men was Where does Savile Row sit within the world of men’s fashion?

For many, including the likes of LC:M director Dylan Jones, Savile Row is an integral part of what the three-day showcase of men’s fashion is all about, part and parcel of the British DNA, ingrained within our heritage and still the inspiration for today’s menswear. While I cannot argue with the fact that the models, the grand Spencer House and the intricate tailoring made for a beautiful scene, for me, the whole charade spoke of elitism rather than inclusion.

I understand that tailoring has a part to play in the current sphere of men’s clothing, but fashion? Well, I’m yet to be won over. Modern men’s fashion should be about expanding the boundaries, making men more aware of how to dress, how to take pride in themselves and their attire when they leave the house for work in the morning. The suit is an essential part of us chaps identity but can we not be a little more E Tautz or Oliver Spencer about it (more on them later), rather than harking back to an age that modern man, to be frank, has little interest in.

The suit is classic, it is classy; yes these wonderful suits were being adorned by chiselled young models but you could have put the man on the street in these suits and they would have felt, a more importantly looked, a million dollars. Whether the show will spread that word, I have my doubts.

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Savile Row – Classy Show at Spencer House

We leave you here with some beautiful images of the classy Savile Row show at Spencer House.

Savile Row - London Collections Men 2013 - 1

Savile Row - London Collections Men 2013 - 2

Savile Row - London Collections Men 2013 - 3

Savile Row - London Collections Men 2013 - 4

Savile Row - London Collections Men 2013 - 5

Savile Row - London Collections Men 2013 - 6

Savile Row - London Collections Men 2013 - 7

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