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Skin Care for Men -Tips On Anti Aging Cream

Long gone are the days where a man could get away with a shower and clean shave. In fact, men’s grooming has never been so much in focus as it is now and the attention is only rising.

Most men are well educated & spoiled for options for their face and hair. Who would dare use unknown or damaging ingredients as part of their grooming routine?

So why neglect your hard working, weather-beaten hands that are exposed to every day life? A single manicure from time to time cannot shelter the lack of care even less so restore the skin that so evidently is the giveaway of lifestyle and age. It’s like dressing in the most stylish suit while neglecting to clean, polish and care for the shoes you wear.

Sanitizing Lotion

How many of you wipe your hands dry before greeting a stranger? We know all too well how that sweaty hand shake creates shivers and that urge to use our colleague’s hand sanitizer pronto.

If you didn’t already know, the skin on our hands is fragile and they reproach us for our lack of care. They are the first to show the signs of aging and the first to bring germs home with you.

Renouve created a real breakthrough in hand care, the world’s first luxury anti-aging hand sanitizing lotion made with collagen stimulating peptides. It has a serum-like texture that absorbs quickly (so no greasy hands!) and the formula is 95% natural. Born out of a desire for a hand lotion that eliminates bacteria and maintains youthful skin without leaving our hands at the mercy of devitalizing ingredients like chemicals or alcohol.

The name Renouve is a take from the word renew and is meant to embody the essence of the product. So consider your hands as you do your hair and face – are your hands ready for the spotlight?

Denis talks about why men should use skin care products

skin care for men - helping hands - renouve switzerland


skin care for men - helping hands - renouve switzerland


skin care for men - helping hands - renouve switzerland