A suit is the ultimate statement piece of clothing for every gentleman. Every man must own a suit in their life, even for those off occasion. Given the seriousness that comes with a suit, it is only right that you wear the right fit.

A fitting suit is not only comfortable to wear but also generally enhances your looks. Wearing a lousy one makes you appear older and shows a lack of care.

Here is how to fit your suit for that perfect look:

3 piece suit


The jacket is like the gateway of your body through the suit, thus attracting the most attention. The coat should fit such that the shoulder is not too wide or too narrow. Ensure the tailor gets the shoulder right as it is not easy to alter later.

The chest of your suit should be as broad to accommodate a flat hand through the lapel when fastened. If the chest spaces allow for a fist, then it’s probably too big.

The sleeves should be long such that when you bend your hands until the dumb faces down, it covers a quarter-inch of your arms. Any sleeve shorter by more than 1.5 inches above your arm is probably too little.

The general body of the suit also needs to be free enough to let your breath and tight enough to avoid forming wrinkles.

TM lewin 3 piece suite


The length and positioning of the trouser hem are one of the primary considerations when it comes to suit pants. The perfect custom suits in NJ allow for one break at the hem, reaches slightly above the shoes, and do not reveal a break fabric.

A great suit fits comfortably without any signs of ripples or horizontal lines. A comfortable waist is also excellent for your suit choice. The perfect waist allows you to wear the pant without a belt while struggling to fasten the trouser means the pant is smaller.

For more symmetrical looks, choose a taper of the legs becoming smaller when near the ankles. Avoid bell-bottom or too skinny trousers.


white shirt

A shirt plays a role in killing or making your suit look. A great shirt comes with a collar that is spacious enough around the neck. Measure the shoulder as the exact measurements of your shoulder for natural movements and comfort. The shoulders descended to an equally slim body that opens at the lower for more space around the hips.

The shirt sleeve must not go past the sleeve, while the length must be big enough for tucked. If you plan to wear it without tucking in, then the right length is around the fly. The cuffs of the shirt should be big enough to allow space for fastening and not too tight that it pulls.


No matter how fancy your suit is, it won’t look great on you if it doesn’t fit. Alterations can be costly and time-consuming. You are, therefore, before off with working with a tailor to make you a custom suit. Work with an experienced tailor to get your measurements right.