JD Sports has released what is called the “King Of Trainers” sneaker box. This is the ultimate box full of goodies for someone that loves trainers. I am taking a closer look at what is inside this sneaker box and if it lives up to the name “King Of Trainers”.


“King Of Trainers” Sneaker Box

What arrives is a huge sleek black box with the logo King of Trainers printed on the side of it. When I opened it I was pleasantly surprised by the contents in it. The first thing that stood out was the booklet – Sneakers The Complete Limited Editions Guide with the matching Trump card game. Both are written and designed by U-Dox, you can see more about this book in the video below.

To keep you energised and fresh the sneaker box contains some sweets and a Wingman toiletry set. The later consists of a 3-in-1 shampoo, shower and shave gel and a moisturiser. Next in the box are a pair of shoelaces from Mr. Lacy Ropies, a shoe tree to keep your shoes in shape and the Crep Protect’s protection kit. This ultimate “Art of Protection” kit includes a spray and wipes to protect your trainers and keep them clean.


The highlight for me in the sneaker box is the Krate & Co transparent shoebox, to show off your shoes but also to keep them in ultimate pristine condition. This is a great product to store my new orange Nike Air Max 2015 trainers.


My new Nike Air Max 2015 trainers in the Krate & Co shoe box.

JD Sports have compiled a great sneaker box which will be a favourite for any lover of trainers. It also makes a great gift for the coming festive season.