Tattoos are an art form signifying one’s innermost desires, musings or beliefs. For some, they can also be an ornament or a skin decoration. But for the following celebrities, they’re inked not to follow an art trend.

There is more meaning to their tattoos that not many people know.  Let’s check out what their tattoos mean and symbolize in their lives. \

Jacob Pullman is an enthusiastic and creative writer at Skin Design Tattoo.

Jennifer Aniston’s “Norman” Tattoo

She’s known for many loves in her life, and one of those was her pet dog Norman.  For her love of the pooch, she had his name tattooed on her right foot when he died in 2011.  “Norman” is the Hollywood celeb’s most meaningful tattoo.

Vin Diesel’s Tribute to Paul Walker Tattoo

Vin Diesel grieved when Fast and the Furious co-actor and best friend Paul Walker was killed in a car crash in 2013.  And to give tribute to Walker, Diesel showed a photo on his back on Facebook.

Many people noticed that the eyes were that of Paul Walker.  In the tattoo on his back, you can see it featuring angel’s wings and having a set of eyes making up the wing’s base.

Vin Diesel’s Tribute to Paul Walker Tattoo

Rihanna’s “Never A Failure, Always A Lesson”

The singer and business owner has at least 25 tattoos, but one of those stands out the most – that on her chest. The “Never A Failure, Always A Lesson” turns out to be her motto in life.

The famous tattoo is backwards below the singer’s ring shoulders, a strategic position letting her read it in a mirror.

Once she said that, she liked hanging out in tattoo studios and that she’s intrigued by tattoos.

She also said that it is culture and that she’s studying it.

The diva is loved by many for her carefree soul and her ability to attach so much meaning to tattoos, art, and expression of someone’s innermost desire or musing.

Vanessa Hudgens’s butterfly

Vanessa Hudgens has an Om tattoo on the side of her hands.

The Om is a sacred symbol in Hinduism.  She said that she got the tattoo so that she could spread the positive energy and then bring it together to the center.

But aside from this tattoo, she also has one on the side of her left neck – a colorful butterfly.  It symbolizes that life is short-lived and fragile, as a butterfly is delicate itself.

The butterfly is her first tattoo. The story behind it? Her name means butterfly in Latin. According to her, a butterfly landed on her mother’s stomach a week before she’s born.

Eminem’s “R.I.P. Ronnie“

The tattoos of the rapper mark important events or issues in his life, including marriage and music.

There are so many of them ranging from letterings on his body to a more complicated and elaborate image on his upper arm.

One of his most meaningful tattoos is R.I.P. Ronnie.  The tattoo is an image marking his respect for Ronnie Pilkington, his deceased uncle who’s the first to introduce him to hip-hop.

Zoë Kravitz’s “Free At Last”

She and her dad have some matching tattoos, but Zoë has one of her most meaningful tattoo text “Free at Last,” a quote derived from the famous Martin Luther speech “I Have a Dream.”

Emma Watson’s “Time’s Up“

The Harry Potter actor got a tattoo “Time’s Up” that refers to a similar hashtag of a movement against sexual harassment.

The movement was founded by celebrities.  She has this tattoo to symbolize her stand on the issue, and many praise her for the bold move.

Final Thoughts

The art of tattooing has gone a long, long way since its introduction in Western culture. From tribal symbols to line designs and from small to large tattoos, this art has indeed become a part of the human civilization thousands of years back and here to stay.

Especially for the featured celebrities, their tattoos have made a mark not only on their skin but also on their hearts because they tell a story about a significant event, person or pet in their lives. If you have a story that means a lot to you, just share it with your preferable tattoo and let him fix your best moments on your body forever.