You can check out the best engagement rings UK collections, however, if your budget is limited you can never get the perfect ring. Or is it? If you are worried about money being a limiting factor, choosing to opt for titanium can be the solution. But before you buy titanium engagement rings know the pros and cons of the metal.


Affordability – The best engagement rings UK collection you should be browsing is the one that features rings you can afford. From as low as £40 to as high as £100, you can find a range of titanium ring prices to choose from. Since titanium is a metal that is abundantly available the price of the metal is affordable.

Durability – Titanium metal rings are made using mostly pure titanium metal. The hard and sturdy metal is scratch resistant and rustproof. You do not have to worry about the ring getting damaged or bent easily.

Comfort – Titanium rings might be durable, but they are not hefty. The lightweight rings are comfortable for the wearer. Since the ring is both light and durable, it can be worn every day without causing the wearer any kind of discomfort.

Hassle-free – You need to maintain precious metal and gem rings. But with white titanium, you do not have to put in much effort. The titanium remains clean if you simply wash it with water. Any CZ diamond that might be embedded into the ring also does not need much maintenance.

Variety – While the white metal is best known for its lustrous silver appeal, it comes in black as well. Titanium is coated with a chemical to change the colour of the metal from silver to black. Both colours of titanium are used to make rings with CZ diamonds and even combinations of yellow gold. So, with titanium you get the best engagement rings UK collection to choose from.

Alterable – Most hard metals are hard to resize. But titanium rings can be made bigger or smaller to fit the finger of the wearer.

Allergy-free – Titanium rings are made using metal alloys that do not contain nickel. Nickle is the metal that causes an allergic reaction to the jewellery. If your partner has a nickel allergy, then the hypoallergenic titanium collection can be the best engagement rings UK collection to choose from.

Titanium Engagement Rings


Resizing Costs Money – Many jewellers might not be able to resize titanium rings since the metal is a hard one. It is easier to make titanium rings bigger than it is to make them smaller. You might have to pay a lot of extra money to resize titanium rings.

Colour Can Fade – The colour coating of black titanium can fade over time. As the chemical wears off the black colour can become dull and faded. You might have to spend more money to recoat the ring.

No Resale or Pawn Value – Metals like gold and platinum have resale value due to their rarity. Since titanium is a readily available metal, if you try to pawn or sell the ring you will not get much money in exchange.

Not Your Partner’s Desired Metal – Before you buy a ring, you need to be sure of what your partner wants. Titanium is not a metal that is usually on top of one’s wish list. Your partner might not be happy with your choice of metal if you choose to propose with a titanium engagement ring.

Consider the pros and cons and talk to your partner before buying a titanium engagement ring.