A pilot jacket represents what a tie is to a suit. This sleek jacket has the ability to tie your whole ensemble together. In addition to this, they automatically make you look more handsome. Maybe it has something to do with the military vibe that they give off, or maybe it is just their outlying potential. Whatever the situation is, you can truly enhance your look and style with the right pilot jacket. However, before you just run out and spend a whole weeks worth of pay on your new jacket, there are five things that you need to be aware of.

A Look At The Overall Fit Of The Jacket

When it comes to any main piece of outerwear, like the pilot jacket, the fit is really important, as it can completely make or break the entire outfit. The ideal fit of your jacket should provide you with enough space to have the ability to layer over a wide range of ensembles. However, the jacket should still fit you snug enough to get your warm. When shopping for a pilot jacket many individuals will shop for a bigger fit, so that they feel like they have room to grow into the jacket, but this is a mistake, because it gives you a sack look. You want the jacket to always look its best and complement your body style.

Top Five Tips For Choosing Your Pilot Jacket

The Shoulders Of The Jacket

Whether you are shopping for a pilot jacket or any type of jacket one crucial aspect are the shoulders. If the jacket doesn’t naturally fit your shoulder, it is just going to be saggy and look completely oversized. You really want the jacket to give you a clean, smooth look over the shoulder area.

Top Five Tips For Choosing Your Pilot Jacket

The Torso Fit

Since these jackets tend to be more durable with a padded look, they often times provide a bulkier look that what most individuals are used to. This is why it is important to make sure that you go for a fitted look, otherwise, you are going to look overwhelmed and swamped by the jacket. When the jacket is zipped up, you want it to create a flattering V-shape, so that the padded edge fits closely around your chest area. The best way to check for this look is to try the jacket on, zip it up, and perform your inspection. If you have excess material hanging one or two inches underneath the arms, you are going to want to go for a smaller size.

Top Five Tips For Choosing Your Pilot Jacket

Examining The Collar

One of the most popular looks about the pilot jacket is the kitted collar, which was originally designed to protect wearers from higher altitudes. Most collars will extend in an upward direction, giving them a cleaner look that encompasses the neck. However, you never want to go for a jacket that has a collar that extends too fat up on your neck, as this won’t provide you with the flattering look that you are aiming for.

Top Five Tips For Choosing Your Pilot Jacket

Exploring The Sleeves

The sleeves of a pilot jacket also have a knitted finish like the collars, which provides a bulkier and tighter fit. When shopping for your jacket, you want to make sure that each sleeve ends right at or above the wrist bone. This will provide you with a clear distinction between the main parts of the sleeves and the cuff.