TOPMAN Spring Summer 2015 Collection

TOPMAN is the high street brand that every guy gets their inspiration from. It is very powerful in sharing the trends for any guy looking for street style innovation. It’s the first time I have seen these photos and as much as I adore the collection, I can’t help notice and ask if the man on the street is really going to embrace any of it. But that is not for me to decide. I am a huge fan of this era let alone the fabulous colours. So how on earth would you combine this collection into your wardrobe? Please add your comments sharing your thoughts on the TOPMAN collection.

Don’t Be Afraid

Anything green is is one of my favorite colour and so if you find that the suit is too overwhelming then just simply break it up. This suit would be great for a summer wedding.

TOPMAN 2015 LCM 1970's Inspired (9)


Anything floral is a fabric for spring summer wear. With dark denim or shorts it really can look super cool and empowering.

TOPMAN 2015 LCM 1970's Inspired (13)


Feeling pale blue then this suit is just fabulous for summer work events  and everything that states I am Super Mr Cool.

TOPMAN 2015 LCM 1970's Inspired (4)


The robe is a tricky one and I certainly would wear it but not so sure if you would? Let me know your thoughts.

TOPMAN LCM 1970's (1)