Europe is without a doubt the favorite destination for budget travellers, as it has an interesting mix of amazing landscape, rich history and culture. Here are some of the most beautiful, but yet, very affordable places you can visit. We included some nice destinations both for summer and winter. Almost fifty percent of tourist arrivals in the world is to this continent, which means it is the most visited region on the planet. According to the latest stats, France is sitting at the top of the list attracting more than 80 million tourists annually. Not only the betting tips experts are predicting them to do well in the next Euro 2020 championship, the football World Champions are topping the table also when it comes to tourists. Anyway, here are our top recommendations for tourists travelling on a budget.

The Albanian Coast

This country has to offer some of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts and it is nowhere close expensive to popular resorts in Italy for example. It is not a big secret that Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe in terms of salaries and development, so cheap stuff on the coast doesn’t come as a surprise. A big majority of these parts are yet to be explored by the world’s tourists. Our destination location here is Saranda – a town very close to the border of Greece. There are plenty of exotic islands to explore and enjoy the sand of Ksamil beach. The food you will find here is very cheap, the water is much warmer in comparison to Montenegro or Croatian coast and there are plenty of boat trips organized on a daily basis. Also, there are numerous Greek monuments and Ottoman cities to visit. Our estimate is that you will need between 30 EUR and 40 EUR daily to enjoy all of the perks Albania has to offer. We also recommend trying local dish Qofte, which is basically an Albanian recipe for minced meat rissoles. It shouldn’t cost you more than 3 EUR. There is a bus line available to the capital Tirana too.

The Albanian Coast

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Today’s Sarajevo is simply buzzing with life after recovering from the longest sieges in human history from 1992 to 1995. Bosnian capital is one of the most welcoming cities in Europe, having so many attractions and old Turkish architecture in the heart of the old town, also known as Bascarsija. You will enjoy hundreds of different bazaar stands, many Bosnian coffee shops, and delicious food. Before the Yugoslavian war, Sarajevo was also regarded as the centre of rock an’ roll, as many popular bands and groups came from this city. There are many museums devoted to those musicians, and the best part is that there is no entry fee.

Not many people know that the trigger for World War I was in Sarajevo when Austrian duke Franz Ferdinand was shot on a bridge over river Miljacka. You will see plenty of historical info about this event right next to the abovementioned bridge. Bosnian dish is also very specific, so make sure to try „cevapcici“ in the heart of the old town. Prices are ridiculously low. For example, a cup of fresh coffee is around 50 cents, cevapcici around 3 EUR (big portion). If you have plenty of time make sure to catch a bus to Mostar, southern city which also has a lot to offer for tourists.

Visit The Peloponnese in Greece

Unlike the majority of other trips that include Greek islands, visiting Peloponnese is a completely different thing. The archaeology of this place is stunning. You can basically take a seat in the arena from 775GC where spectators were watching the great warriors of Olympus fighting to death. There is an ancient city located near as well, having the Temple of Zeus. There were over thousand of fights arranged here in the past annually. When it comes to coastline attractions, tourists usually stick to castles and keeps centuries old. The main goal of these in the past was to protect royal families. Beaches are almost untouched having blue powder water. The most popular beach is called Simos. The thing we loved the most is cheap but yet amazing relaxing resorts. Some would describe it as friendly fishing places with a lot of olive trees. You can basically sleep on the open if you want to. When it comes to food and drink, tourists are enjoying Ouzo – home made liquor for less than 3 EUR for a shot. Souvlaki – more known as shish kebab is served on beaches and in town. Interestingly, you can also catch a boat ride to Athens for less than 15 EUR. There are also many night clubs, basketball matches, and casinos in the Peloponnese. You need to be at least 18 years old to enter of course.