When scrolling through social media, have you noticed that more and more brands are marketing their products through different social media platforms? Are you wanting to market your brand on social media too but not sure which is the best one?

In today’s day and age, traditional marketing methods seems to have gone down the drain and aren’t so popular anymore. They are slowly being replaced with not only digital marketing but also a new form of marketing that is emerging and being developed on social media platforms. Of all of the social media platforms out there, there are 3 which are dominating the scene and the most popular when it comes to both entertainment and marketing; Twitter, Instagram; and TikTok.

If you are new to social media, you might not know which platform or growth service is the best to choose for your brand or business, so here are a few factors to help you make that decision.


Launched towards the end of 2010, Instagram’s probably the most versatile social media platform that you can make use of. With over 1 billion users, there is no lack of a new audience to show your work to and it is far easier to extend your reach.

Instagram has a very wide target demographic with users as you as their teens all the way up to parents of the millennials making use if the app. This is a great advantage for businesses as it means there will be no issue trying to find their target demographic within the app because they are likely to be plenty of them. In addition to this, there are many tools available for growth, such as Task Ant, which will allow brands to find the best hashtags to use with each post. Instagram can help businesses grow immensely by allowing them to reach hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Not only that, but Instagram also allows for you to engage with your followers which can create meaningful relationships as well as loyalty.


The biggest disadvantage to Instagram is that everything is very high quality and if you don’t live up to the standard or expectations of the audience your account won’t receive too much attention.


Twitter is one of the best and longest-standing social media platform, having launched in 2006 and still thriving today. Currently, Twitter has around 326 million active daily users, and lots of means for businesses to reach these users. There are some sites from where one can buy Twitter followers that are active and real, and that can help to grow one’s business. 

Twitter is essentially a microblogging site that also allows for you to post visuals too. On Twitter, there are a few limitations such as the number of characters in each tweet, as well as the demographic only really being that of the millennial generation. This is not an issue though, it just means that content needs to be catered towards them.

There are tons of different social media marketing tools to help you keep your social media marketing on track. Researching the target audience is a big part of the road to make your brand successful on Twitter. Analytical tools such as Union Metrics will help to analyze the overall performance on the platform and optimize it if necessary. While scheduling tools such as Hypefury will help to reach the right audience through Twitter automation. On Twitter, it is most important to keep up the consistent activity and engagement. With this scheduling tool, you can simply put your tweets into Hypefury instead of putting them directly on Twitter, then set your schedule and Hypefury will send your tweets at your set times. You can randomize your schedule for a more organic look, as well as add strict timings for a more organized feel.


One of the best advantages of Twitter is that it allows for incredible engagement through Twitter chats, as well as many organic growth services like Twesocial, which will engage with followers and other accounts on the behalf of the business. Twitter chats are essentially threads of comments in a posts comment section, and they are a fantastic way to ask your followers’ questions, do some surveys, and just see exactly what it is they like and don’t like.


TikTok is the newest and greatest social media platform around. In just under six years, they have managed to gather approximately 1 billion active daily users, which is the most any social media platform has done in such a short amount of time. TikTok is a short-form video platform where users can film, edit, and post, all in the same app.

TikTok’s demographic is mainly that of the younger generations, or Gen Z to be specific. This means that when you are planning out your content it should be catered towards teens or young adults.


One of the best advantages of TikTok is that it is all about being in the moment and posting your most authentic self. There is no need for expensive, fancy equipment, or extravagant, high-quality content, and many growth services that will engage with followers for the business, such as TokUpgrade. Although going along with this, it is also important to note, that TikTok users don’t want to know that they are being marketed to and would rather see what’s going on behind the scenes than a full-on video of you promoting your products or services.