If there is anything in this world that is so discreet yet it can bring out the sexy in you, then it’s a nice pair of jockstraps. In truth, jockstraps are for every man regardless of sexual preference but they are widely regarded as underwear for gay men.

Jockstraps have become a common item and are now available in numerous colors and styles. Here are 11 reasons why jockstraps should become a common item in every gay man’s underwear drawer.


1. Jockstraps Provide Great Support

The modern jockstrap comes with a support pouch for the genitals to prevent them from bouncing in a situation where the wearer is running to a meeting or is in the gym working out.

2. They Are Uber Comfortable

If comfort is something you look for in your underwear then you should definitely get a pair or two of jocks. Surprisingly, they provide more comfort compared to briefs.

3. Flaunt Your Package

Jockstraps do a great job in enhancing your assets and leaving a little to the imagination which is just downright sexy on its own.

4. Cost

Because jocks are made from very little material, they are cheaper than most underwear you’ll find.

5. Easy Access

Jockstraps are probably the most accessible underwear and are great for gay sex. You won’t have to remove them when bottoming and if topping, simply slide your pouch to the side.

6. No Underwear Lines

No one likes having their underwear lines being seen and since skinny pants are still trendy, with jockstraps on that is not something that you’ll have to worry about.

7. Makes Laundry Easier

A jockstrap won’t take up too much space in your underwear drawer plus they don’t take up a lot of time while in the washer.

8. Adds A Touch of Sexiness to Your Outfit

Knowing you have something kinky and sexy beneath your outfit can spice up your otherwise mundane daily routine.

9. It Keeps Everything Where They Are Meant to Be

A jockstrap is to men what a sports bra is to women. A jockstrap keeps everything from bouncing all over when they experience turbulence as is with the case with boxer shorts.

10. More Butt Freedom

Wearing a jockstrap will give your ass enough room to breath. With jocks, you won’t have to be concerned about having a sweaty butt.

11.Easy to Pack

Fashion is important in the queer male community and packing for a trip can mean sacrificing some outfits over others. Jockstraps, however, do not take up much room and you can fit a couple of jocks for every pair of briefs.

Winding Up

The men’s underwear industry is booming nowadays. It’s almost hard to believe that the first jockstrap was invented back in the 1870s. Jockstraps first penetrated the gay sphere almost a century later as gay fashion became more masculine.

As a result, jock underwear brands started to advertise to the growing market as jockstraps became more about fashion than function, and today, jockstraps have become a garment that showcases one’s assets instead of protecting them as was the original purpose.

Regardless, jocks are a great piece of underwear that every gay man should have in their dresser.