Alberto Moretti Shoes

Embellished with frivolous details inspired by feminine footwear, all the while fully maintaining their masculine feel, these Alberto Moretti shoes will instantly transform your man into a veritable dandy, ready to party and have a good time.

Choose for him the Capsule shoes, with blue, pink, orange and green injections on a background of elegant black, the opulent Duke shoes, which bring Renaissance into the present with their intricate pattern and cascading colours, inspired by the robes of the de Medici court, the ultra-comfortable Golden Nugget shoes, a reinterpretation in beige with gold insertions of the iconic Mille Miglia driving shoes, or, if you want to see him go all out, the Rainbow shoes, with their multicoloured sequin appliqués and rainbow embroidery.

Team them with black skinny trousers or a James Dean jean wear and you’ll look nothing short of sleek.

Alberto Moretti Shoes - capsule shoe

Capsule shoe

Duke Shoe alberto moretti 2013

Duke-Shoe,alberto moretti, 2013

Golden Nugget shoe alberto moretti

Golden nugget shoes

Rainbow Shoe, alberto moretti

Rainbow shoe