Leather Bow Ties For Men

Warren St John, an established American author and reporter, once said that “wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think” and I, my gents, concur! Unless you’ve been digging for gold in some gold mine somewhere remotely for the past year or so, you must have noticed that more and more men are sporting bow ties these days. Yes, bow ties are back. But what I think it’s really interesting about the bow tie trend is that it represents men’s movement towards a more sophisticated, classier and, most importantly, adventurous fashion style.

So because I believe St John’s interpretation of the trend I conclude that men are starting to have more fun with their fashion while showing more and more disregard for what some might think that they should wear. And that I call fashion liberation! Well done, gentlemen! Take risks, make a statement, stand tall and sharp!

Leather Bow Ties

Do you want to take it a step further, gentlemen? Then go for bold, bright patterns like Hawaiian prints, or soft, shiny fabrics such as faux leather! I love, love, love real leather! But I also love the softness of faux leather on a small garment like a bow tie. It just works and for those animal activists out there they make you look sharp while still supporting your cause.

Take these two faux leather bow ties brought to you by a young brand Lord Wallington of out San Diego, CA. I know what you’re thinking: what are bow ties doing in Southern California where shorts and sandals rule the cities? And yet the trend somehow works there too; just think of a younger version of Nick Wooster wearing loafers, shorts, short sleeve collar shirt and a faux leather bow tie! Still relaxed enough to make any young lawyer by day/surfer by night man feel casual after work yet still sharp enough to stand out in a sea of flip flops and t-shirts. Genius!

Leather Bow Ties For Men