I have stayed in many different hotels over the last few years and in 2016 I am seeing more and more hotel chains that are trying out new concepts to stand out. CitizenM is one of them. It was about modern facilities, design and self service. It is my first time staying in a CitizenM and the one in Amsterdam is conveniently situated a 10 minute walk from Amsterdam Zuid train station. This station is only a 10 minute train ride away from Schiphol airport. There are 215 luxuriously affordable hotel rooms here where you can choose from. This hotel is a perfect hotel for those who are here on business and are more open about the new concepts of a hotel like this. The hotel is situated among urban homes which is a nice quiet change. It is also a perfect stay for those who are in Amsterdam for a weekend away with a group of friends. It is only five tram stops away and you are in the heart of the city of Amsterdam.



In entering the first thing you will notice is that the reception area is where there is no waiting for anyone but yourself to check  in. All you have to remember is the name you used when you made your booking online. I liked this as it was quick and easy and you could choose on demand what view you would like to have. I chose the garden view as I thought with the sun shining this might be nice. The reception’s bar and chairs situated around the reception area are really nice and gives out a clear message that this hotel is about mixing in with others. It is a great environment to meet new people and there are enough TV’s to sit and watch as a group. In my case it was nice to watch the Olympics with people from around the globe.



Reception area where you check in yourself

The Bar

The bar was nice to sit around and meet new people. I liked the food options behind the bar, in where you can just grab something and go. Again this hotel was all about you serving yourself by the choices you make. The staff behind the bar were well trained to give you a cocktail or a drink of your choice. The bar and the food are open 24-hours a day. This bar was a great place in where you can work, chill and make the most of your stay. I liked the lighting throughout the bar area, it created a nice mood both during day and night.


My Room

On entering the room the frist thing I noticed was the bad sandwiched between the walls. The XL kingsize bed was very cosy and I loved how the bed was like a sofa in where I could lounge and watch the free movies which were supplied to me. The bed was really comfortable to sleep in. The power rain shower was quirky and you need to understand that if you didn’t close the doors properly then it simply wont work. I liked this because you don’t have all the water spilling out on to your room floor. Yes the shower and toilet were in full view for your partner to see. You can close the clear doors but the word private does not exist in this room. The wall to wall windows allowed a lot of light in and gave it a nice feel. The international plug system was great as I forgot my UK plug and once again I did not have to ask anyone for an adapter. The ambient room experience with touch screen control for colour, temperature, blinds, television and more was efficient and well thought out. The mood in my room had a sense of chill and allowed me to have a great rest. The working desk is more than big enough and the internet is fast and free.



Breakfast was again very simple and it was self service, like the rest of the hotel. The food was fresh with healthy options and everything was there for me to eat as much as I liked. There was a take away option as well.



This hotel is quirky very clean, laid back and very quiet. Everything is about helping yourself and not having anyone to fuss over you. The interesting messages and art work were a nice way to communicate the hotels rules. If you are that kind of person in where you just want to step into a hotel where you carry your own bags, check in yourself and no one asking you for help then this is the hotel for you. Once again a great place to do business or go on a weekend out with good friends. This is not a hotel in where I did not see any children at all. So for those who want no kids around, this might be your place.