As the pandemic continues to affect my livelihood it is important to fight against uncertainty and anxiety. But optimism is a choice and so is self-pampering. Finding the hope to move forward is why staying at Hotel Indigo in Stratford Upon Avon, the home of Shakespeare, has given me the confidence to embrace life as it comes and to the full. As a mother of two opting for a hotel stay is all about recharging my soul, body, and mind.

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The Building

This four-star hotel is perfectly centrally located to explore both the home of Shakespeare and the glorious-looking town called, Stratford Upon Avon. The town offers so many activities to explore. Therefore the hotel allowed me to explore at leisure the iconic places that once were home to Shakespeare himself. Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon is a perfect example of Tudor-style interior design that is part of Britain’s heritage.

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Interior Design

This impeccably restored hotel is a must-visit when coming to Stratford Upon Avon. The decor is a combination of wood-panelled Tudor rooms with a cacoon atmosphere surroundings. There are 93 stylish guest rooms keeping with the theme of the local neighborhood.


There are many cosy seating areas to soak up the atmosphere and words of Shakespeare himself. The rooms are inspired by the Bard and reflect Stratford’s history, which dates back to medieval times.


Reception And Parking

Stratford upon Avon is a busy place and parking can be challenging. Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon offers safe and easy access to private parking. Make sure you register your Aston Martin when checking in at the stylish and welcoming reception.

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Hotel Indigo reception hallway Stratford

This is the hallway to the Woodsman restaurant and The Falcon Tea Room.

If floral print inspiration for your home is what you are seeking, Hotel Indigo Stratford has endless examples of furniture and wallpaper designs. Throughout the hotel, there are wooden floors which for me reflect the decor of what once was.

The Woodsman

The food at this hotel is excellent. The attention to detail regarding local produce is why every dish I ate was truly delicious. The food was in season and the wood oven fire added to a nice cozy atmosphere.

Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon (2) The Woodmans

The food presentation paired with the right wine comes down to the staff knowing what is being served.

Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon (2) The Woodmans

The local beef was tender as can be and it was delicious. Some delicious chunky chips with Ceasar salad.

Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon (2) The Woodmans

The dessert ended a hard day’s work after a long drive in the Aston Martin Vantage.


Known as the Feasting room there were lovely seating areas I could soak up the morning’s plans for a busy day here in Stratford. Breakfast offered a variety of fresh fruit and local pieces of bread. A dedicated menu offering a full English breakfast or vegan options meant endless choices of food to start the day.

Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon (2) Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon (2)

King Standard

The Contemporary rooms are in the new wing which is elegant, fun, and very relaxing. This room has a great Feng Shue.

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

The large bed with glorious heritage touches complements compelling contemporary elements.

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

My sleep was peaceful due to the endless choices of pillows and relaxing lighting. If you are looking for inspiration for your drawing room at home, the murals, paintings, and interior colours here are all worth taking on board during your stay.2

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

This room reminds me of my personal wardrobe with its array of chequered prints and a mix of endless colours to sleep in.

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

Art is still very much the lifeblood of any Indigo hotel. This room is focused on themes that of course are about Shakespeare himself. The room had wooden flooring which I like for hygiene purposes. There was plenty of wardrobe space so I could tuck away my wardrobe.

The dedicated desk allowed me to work in comfort and there was plenty of mood lighting for me to play with and be able to set different tones throughout the night whilst working.


The bathroom is huge with 16 sqm in size. The victorian bath and tile decor are very stylish and create an amazing setting for me to do some of my Instagram shots.

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

The dedicated rain shower was very relaxing. And the choice of tiles made it more playful whilst showering.

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

The eco-friendly trend in hotels now is large bottles of amenities that can be refilled. Fewer plastic bottles mean less waste within hotels. Bramley products are the preferred choice at any Indigo hotel. Don’t worry there is an option for you to buy these products to take home for a memorable stay at any Indigo hotel. There were no slippers which I like to see as for me they are an unnecessary waste not needed in any hotel. Just bring your own.

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

Soaking up in style for me is important during any hotel stay. This Victorian-style bath with its shiny claw feet was large and very relaxing. A nice wellness touch accessible at any time of the day.

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

If tile inspiration for an eclectic bathroom is what you seeking, then this is the bathroom to be inspired by.

1 king Standard Indigo Hotel Stratford Upon Avon MenStyleFashion (2)

There were plenty of huge fluffy towels available and I was impressed with the powerful hairdryer. A good working iron was also handy for my change of wardrobe during my stay.

Mini Bar And Coffee

A dedicated Nespresso machine and tea were always on hand. The complimentary mini-bar meant I was always able to have a drink on and off duty.


There is also a gym where if you need to destress or keep up your fitness you won’t be missing out.


Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon is a very special hotel due to its interior design. Inspired by its heritage and thoughtful designs. This is why no two Hotel Indigos are ever the same. The heart and soul of the hotel are the restaurants and staff alone. It is a lovely hotel to host events and celebrations, which include private parking. The hotel guest rooms are made of three very different but impressive room designs. You can opt for The Tudor Rooms, The Georgian Townhouse which is inspired by Shakespeare’s Theatre, and finally, The Contemporary Rooms in the new wing which is where I rested, played, and thoroughly enjoyed my stay.


  • Room reviewed: Contemporary Room – King Standard
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  • Address:  4 Chapel St, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6HA, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1789 279953