For those of us who are naïve enough to think formal dressing is throwing on an ill-fitting suit you wore for relatives wedding a decade ago, you’re in for a shock. There is a certain set of protocols that every chap should Endeavour to follow so not to offend the sensibilities of the host who invited you. It’s very easy to think the world of formal wear involves watching a 40’s Bet Davis movie, but if only life was that simple! Let’s explore some of the basics of occasional formal dressing rules and save the mudslinging for the completion of cocktail hour.

It’s A Formality

Fashion experts pull no punches about getting it right.

¨ Traditional red carpet dressing has been around for decades of years, and has not really changed at all in its set-up. These dress codes have rarely changed over the sands of time because of demands from (or to pay respect to) the more traditional establishments and hierarchies. Anyone seen to be straying from these many not be invited back, or even worse, sent away at the door. ¨

As a rule of thumb, the socially aware gentleman should wear suits for cocktail events but not always involving jacket and tie. For formal events, the gentleman should sport suit and tie or for the all-important black-tie bash its recommended to sport a good tuxedo. However, the good news is that in the world of fashion rules are made to be broken albeit subtly in these examples.

The Emmys – A White Dinner Jacket

It can bring out the rebel in you if you’re confident enough to be different and enjoy the attention of standing out like a sore thumb. It’s frequently thought of as a safe half way house between casual and formal, but choose the shade carefully avoiding both the cream shade and the lumpy gravy! If it’s good enough for Bond its good enough for you, but don’t be surprised if you get asked for the wine list.

The Emmys - A White Dinner Jacket

The Academy Award – Vintage Burgundy

Leaving the black tux quite literally in the Hollywood shade, braving a burgundy tux is easy if you’re a powerful celebrity and used to risking reputation with the latest movie turkey. The consolation of primal earthy colours making you look good on national television is some comfort for coming third with a frozen grin.

The Academy Award - Vintage Burgundy

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