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Just like every country has its own distinct style and cultural trends, America has varying fashions trends depending on the region. Different trends in different places are common, especially when referring to men’s fashions. Whereas in some areas it’s frowned upon to dress down, in others it’s frowned upon to sport designer tags. Understanding the fashion by region is crucial to understanding fashion in the U.S. as a whole.

Washington DC - Fedora hat and layers

The Northeast

Typically men of the Northeast dress fancier than their Midwest and southern neighbors. This is much in part because the Northeast contains three of the largest cities in America: New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. Thus, because there are 3 fashion filled cities within such a small radius the region is filled with arguably the most fashion forward men’s trends in the country. Each city has its own distinct style; D.C. being more preppy and pastel, Boston more ski-resort chic with flannels and vests, and New York working more of the dark skinny jeans, oxfords, and trendy button-ups. However, regardless of where you are in the Northeast it’s apparent that men’s fashion is taken seriously by most. Even the lazy Saturday that is intended to look sloppy is usually filled with pricey name brand sweat pants and vintage college sweatshirts.

USA - jeans,brown shoes and tweed jacket

Blue blazer - white trousers

The South

Most noted for the fashions of Atlanta and Miami the South is rich with style and cultural trends. Bright colors and tight fitting clothing is a perfect match for the toned, tan men of the area. The South is notoriously known for its Latin vibe so expect to see flavorful, rich colored outfits filling the streets of southern towns and cities.  Whereas in the Northeast men may cringe at the thought of wearing white pants, the men of the South are notorious for strutting their stuff proudly in white linen wear. Because of the beachy weather it’s also not uncommon to see men sporting silk shirts that are light and airy in the warm weather.

Britney Spears - Double denim outfits

USA mne's fashion - pocket squares for jeans

The Midwest

Due to the intense Midwest winters you can expect to see a bundled up look being sported in much of the region. Unlike much of the Northeast those born and raised in the Midwest tend to be more frugal, stereotypically purchasing clothes that can be layered and worn for a few years. Men are often depicted wearing worn jeans and a plaid flannel button-up. Also, the layered look is very popular as it not only allows one to be versatile in their outfit choice, but also helps one stay warm in the cooler months. The Midwest man is very outdoorsy, often enjoying winter sports like snowmobiling and ice hockey.

Thus, the bundled up, layered woodsman style serves as the go-to look in this neck of the woods.


USA  - Grey coat - brown hat

The West

Known for their laidback lifestyle men of the West embody the relaxed, stylishly casual look. These men love to flaunt their ray bans, pastel plaid t-shirt button-ups, and leather reef sandals. Shaggy, beachy hair matches this style’s relaxed, casual-yet-fun vibe. These men love to surf in the morning, run to the office, and then take another surf break for lunch when the tide is right so expect to see beach ready looks not just on the weekends. The weather’s also warmer and generally more pleasant than just about anywhere else in the country so the less layers the better for these men.

USA - white jacket

Washington - blue suit