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First of all our hearts go out to all those victims who lost there lives last month in the Bangkok bombing. We were at the same location 30 minutes before it happened and we too felt the fear, tears and shock that the city was under within the next 48 hours. This is an immense and exciting city and one that I would encourage to visit no matter what adversities come its way.

W Bangkok

Under enormous mixed emotions, we felt our purpose being there had to be achieved and when we were hosted by W Bangkok Hotel, it could not have come at a better time. I noticed this hotel the moment I came into Bangkok and the words, hidden gem instantly came to mind. Little did I know these two words are part of the latest campaign marketing campaign by the W called “Hidden Gem Unveiled”.  This is a hotel for people who want to enjoy.

Part of the W is a Style Lab which is designed to bedazzle the guests in an uplifting way. There is a social ambience where cocktails are served in a playful creative way. Guests are adorned with jewels, bringing on the bling with sparkling manicure and pedicure to emerge red carpet ready for their VIP events.

Away Spa

The moment we came into the hotel, the people made us feel very welcome. Keep in mind they had no idea who we were. The dress attire is a mixture here but you certainly feel you have to go up a notch when you see visually what this hotel has to offer. Each W hotel around the world has its own identity and therefore the decor here was very tailored to Bangkok. W Bangkok hotel embodied the capital’s fusion of past and present to create a shimmering new scene. Right from the onset, I knew this was going to be a different treatment. The therapist asked crucial questions in order to get the treatment room right.

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Welcome drinks

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Stylish decorated waiting area where staff take notes for your specialised treatment.

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Away Spa Treatment

Away Spa is 630 sqm of pure relaxation with 6 treatment rooms, and 1 couple suite, offering a wide variety of treatments for guests only. Everything fits perfectly into the atmosphere: the furniture, the walls, the artwork, the treatment beds, every single suite has the perfect balance between style and look. It is possible to choose the colour of the treatment beds, so the entire lightning in the room can match the feeling you want to have during your time in the Spa.

I’ve had over 100 massages and this whole experience is one that I have never had before. I went for an energizing treatment and I chose the colour green. Don’t worry if you don’t like your colour, you can change it before the treatment begins. One thing I loved was the size of the treatment bed. The smells, the size of the treatment room gives you a feeling of pure luxury and Bangkok is a huge manic city, so it’s a perfect way to leave it all behind, if not for a few hours. Unexpectedly, the music was very hip hop and upbeat; I forgot I chose energizing treatment. But I thoroughly loved every bit of the whole experience. It was perfect, especially after what I had been through in the last 24 hours. I also still had a fractured hand and the treatment was perfected to cater to my needs. When I was taken back to my change room, I just adored the towel position on my head, it was a skill I had never seen before. Thanks for the cup of tea and the green macaroon, the same colour as my treatment room.

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Green and purple macaroon to match the colour of the treatment rooms.

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Male Facial Grooming

My partner had a facial treatment and he could also choose a colour to suit his mood. He chose purple for his treatment room, which is supposed to give you a happy mood. First, he was treated to a head massage before the facial begun. Than a gentle facial scrub was applied to his face to exfoliate the skin and remove his black heads. Then a facial mask was applied and while the mask was drying, the therapist switched to a foot massage which lasted for about 20 minutes. After that the mask was washed off leaving the skin rejuvenated.
Away Spa is a great luxury spa, with skilled staff, great atmosphere, 6 different treatment rooms, a Hamman and the perfect attention to detail. This is a spa, and it is what I would call a Hidden Gem.

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Male grooming products for sale

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Colour on demand for your treatment room. Purple meant Happy.

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Great environment to have a facial.

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Jacuzzi which is part of the hamam.

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Relax and enjoy a read on these heated seats, part of the haman

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  • Website: www.whotelbangkok.com
  • Address: 106 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand
  • Phone: +66 2 344 4000

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