Wedding Fashion

I took the opportunity to peek into this Years National wedding Show 2012 at London Olympia. I was greeted by enthusiastic young men representing the groom image for 2012. They all agreed on one thing. Why do we seem to be stuck in a time when it comes to men’s suit attire on the big day? Why is it that the traditional wedding suit and accessories for men look dated? What is the SOLUTION for the groom to be?

Men take control, it is one of the biggest commitments you will ever make. Think about what you want to look like. What is the style image you want to portray? Be diplomatic with your bride to be and highlight to her two important facts. The suit has to represent your persona. You want to be wearing the suit  YOU choose. The day belongs to you as much as the bride. GET INVOLVED.

Be adventurous and wear the suit that will have the bride to be, running towards you at the aisle and not away.

How Do I Go About Being The Groom That Represents Me

  1. Costume Design – Time to bring out the theatre in you. Embrace your day by choosing an era that represents you. Get your inspirations from a movie.
  2. Suit Hire – men hire their outfits but I think that these days you can buy a suit that is a fashion investment and worth the expenditure. The fashion danger is when you hire a suit it very rarely fits correctly. The overall image depends on the quality of the fit, so go to the experts and get it measured so your suit fits you perfectly.
  3. Suit Fabric – Go for costume design. Velvet suits look amazing. Embrace the James Bond grey suit tight image
  4. The Waistcoat– don’t hire it, buy it. This is an item that defines the smart, sharp, masculine man. The shirt collections these days are amazing and well priced, why are you hiring it?
  5. Cravats or Ties –  This is what gets noticed the most. This accessory will state your groom image. Your friends and family are looking at your face often and the photography aspects certainly zoom into the neck area. So the colour design choices are important. I find when hiring the cravat or tie the collections are limited.
  6. Shoes –  A women can tell a lot by the shoes a man wears. There are so many funky, chic shoes and colours these days. So once you have chosen your suit and accessories. Choose the shoes that highlight you.
  7. Hair – Whatever the length make sure you think about how to wear your hair on the day.
  8. Gym – no better time to get into shape for the big day. She will love it.
  9. Body Scrub– make sure your skin looks as good as it can be. Don’t be afraid to scrub your whole body. Trust me, your wife to be won’t hold back?

Groom 2012 Inspirations

Velvet-suit, mens 2012

Dolce & Gabbana 2012 suits

Prada men runway 2012

Prada suits 2012

brioni, spring summer ,2012

Brioni, spring summer ,2012

givenchy red suit 2013 mens

Givenchy 2013 red suits. Now that is a very hot potential groom outfit

Tom Ford Velvet 2012

Tom Ford 2012, goofie groom look is cool

velvet suits for 2012

Dolce & Gabbana 2012

exquisite events dolce and gabbana - mens 2013

Baroque Dolce & Gabbana

Bow Tie colourful

Embrace your own Cravat style when it comes to your personality

Steve myall - suit James Bond

Steve Myall, be creative in defining your suit image even in Bogner Regis

Prada men shoes - spring summer 2012 Runway Trend

Prada shoes 2012

Prada floral shoes for men

Prada shoes 2012, great statement shoe for your bride